Friday, November 27, 2009

Friday Favourite ~ No more pencils no more books...

Last Friday Frankie said good-bye to school forever. He has had a fun 5 years at CHAC. Where has that time gone? Now its on to other adventures. First thing on the fun list has been Schoolies this week.


  1. Oh dear, Schoolies! Let's hope he's good...

  2. Just checked out the CHAC website. It looks like a great school. You will be pleased not to have to pay those fees though!!!
    Hmmm, schoolies, glad I don't have to deal with that for a couple of years :-/
    Have a great, hot, weekend.

  3. OOHH...its funny how time literally FLIES!!

    Both my boys will be in their 4th year of uni next year...(eldest took a gap yr..younger didnt) they are NOT twins!!

    It literally just seems like yesterday they both finished their VCE exams..& school final assembly..

    I was a very LUCKY eldest went to work in a law firm in london for the MISSED schoolies..
    and 2nd son went overseas skiing..SOOO schoolies was a NO SHOW as well!! PHEW!!!

    BUT then again..worrying more about them being out of OZ!!

    it NEVER ENDS...the worry that is!!

    xx andrea

  4. What a great photo Katherine, what great memories for those kids. Hope all goes well with schoolies. Thanks so much for your well wishes last week.

  5. Lovely pics Katherine, hope Frankie stays safe during schoolies! Brooke xox


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