Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Some of listings on eBay this week

Here are a few quick pictures of some of our ebay auctions that are either already listed or due to go up tonight. They will end in 7days.

Hope everyone is having a good week. 

Monday, May 21, 2012

What was getting the once over today...

Here is a few driveway snaps of the goodies that were getting a quick clean and then off to the WAC and Garden Centre today.
Mid Century, very Danish looking tray mobile.

Fabulous Bentwood chairs.
The backs are divine.

Maple table
Shabby cane coffee table
Laundry tubs. These ones are a nice oval shape. They remind me of all those old photographs you see with children bathing in them. 
More kitchen chairs
ladders...perfect size for displaying linen etc.
But my favourite...no surprises there...this fabulous travel trunk.
It is a wardrobe style trunk and this is the right way to open it, on what you would think of as its side really.
Quick shot of the lovely old leather handle and stud details close up....Sigh!
This is why it opens like that. Inside it is ready to hang your suits/frocks like so...
And it has storage compartments for all your other smalls etc.

See how the bottom two compartments fold out and then open. Makes me want to wear hats and gloves and use words like "doll" and "my good man". Hope all you dolls have a grand week. 

Monday, May 14, 2012

20 years ago ....

we were getting ready to say I do ....

 I walked down the aisle to The Triffids Raining Pleasure and it has been stuck in my head all day.....20 years...doesn't it go past fast ? But how grateful and lucky I am. xxxx Here's to the next 20 !! 

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day...at the Cottage Garden Nursery.

What a glorious day for Mother's Day here in Brisbane. It is sunny with a slight, cool breeze and perfect blue sky. I was over at the nursery early this morning, just before the breakfast customers started arriving,  restocking after a hectic pre mother's day rush yesterday.  Gillian's Garden Cafe is absolutely booked out and Catherine in the florist is bursting with  stunning bunches and arrangements and it was lovely to be in the nursery before all the busyness of the day begins. It felt a bit like Christmas morning before the children wake.
There are lots of new furniture arrivals to show you.

I couldn't resist this sweet meat safe cupboard. Such fabulous colours and finish. Beside it is a kitchen table with pale green legs and creamy rails...I forgot to take a picture of it on its own.

I had two of these large clam shells, but one sold as soon as it arrived and this is the last one. It is a great size for a fruit bowl.
Charming child size deck chairs. I love the old canvas and the shabby green paint.

Stunning pedestal base and one of two ornate pots.

Four folding style vintage chairs, sold separately. They have a strip of canvas on the centre of each back and a lovely warm brown finish with luscious wear. When I got home from the nursery I couldn't wait to sit down with a coffee and look at the new House and Garden mag that Chauncy had given me as part of my Mother's Day present and what should I see on the cover ? A pair of very similar chairs....funny  how that happens. I don't think the ones in the mag are as nice as these...but I could be biased..he he.

Stylish cane table, perfect for indoors or out.
Classic marble topped washstand with tiled back. These are so romantic I feel. It was hard to photograph in the morning sun that was streaming into the nursery.

Every Mum's essential, a sturdy rocking chair. This one has nice delicate turnings.

Silky oak writing bureau.
The colours on this simple stool are just a perfect sunshiny combination.

Valet stand, these are making a big come back as people remember just how handy they are.
This one may look like a simple little cane side table but actually it is a sewing basket. I will explain...The top has a hinge and lifts up. Below would have had fabric that was stitched to the inside of the seagrass cane supports  creating a fabric basket for all ones sewing, embroidering or knitting to hide away neatly. 
I hope everyone enjoys the day.  

Friday, May 11, 2012

Squeezing in the Goodness...at the WAC today.

                          I have just got home from the WAC after squeezing in so much goodness.

Wassily style chair.
Charming Red Laminex topped table.

This chest of drawers was hard to photograph. I love the Art Deco style curve of the front. 

I am so in love with this tin picnic basket...yes Tin...so unusual...so Betty and Don Draper don't you think?

A little touch of Western...yEEHA
Old school skateboards...the top one is a bit special....

Love the green colour of the desk light...it screams late 70's....

Cute Arabia Jam Pot
Deep Green, Glass Head
European marionettes 
Love the colour of this old box...I also love the shape and feel of the handle.

You would know of Peacock chairs but here are a set of three peacock stools or side tables.

Funny little shabby stool, or plant stand with a lift off lid

Well loved old industrial feel mannequin...I loved her imperfections, the holes and wear in the fabric and the paint loss and warm rust of her metal stand....someone else did too and it sold just after I took this photo. Hope you all had a great week. 
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