Thursday, November 5, 2009

Some wonderful vintage items from todays estate

I just love old deck chairs and I think with a bit of a clean these ones would be shabby fine as is and the stripy canvas is fun. We also got a laundry trolley full of old linen, tea towels and doileys etc. My favourites today though are the small Singer machine and the petit point dresser set.

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  1. I love the wide variety of things you find - you manage to surprise us every time! Leigh

  2. Hi Katherine
    Thanks for popping over my way... I love your finds.. I think your favourites here are mine also...

    Enjoy the moon.. it's rained out down here in Sydney... Julie

  3. Hiya Katherine! Thanks for popping by my blog! Ohmygosh you know what? I look at your Ebay listings ALL THE TIME and always have a hissy fit because i want it all and you are so far away! Im so happy to 'meet' you.
    Thanks for the comments on my halloween decos, we had such a blast. Love the chalk outline idea, i might do that one next year! How funny!
    Love your finds today, especially the dresser set! WOW thats gorgeous.

    Adding you to my faves!

    have a great weekend.

    Shann :)

  4. Ohhhh lots of lovelies today.
    I have one of those laundry trolleys filled with potted flowers on our veranda :]

  5. I love the old Singer and the jar of vintage buttons. I have a couple of those jars around my place too. Thanks for your lovely comment on our blog. Hayley

  6. I absolutely adore old deck chairs! They line the beaches of Great Britain, but you hardly see them around here in the USA.

  7. wow look at those deck chairs, shame you don't see them anymore...not in England either!

    great haul there, good luck with ebay sales

  8. Have just found you through The Back Shed. Oh, I'm so loving all your vintage finds! I'll have to check out your ebay site now! :o)

  9. Loving the deck chairs Katherine... and that jar of buttons.


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