Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Yucky dip at todays estate

Had to go through an awful lot of junk at an old local home today to find any treasures. There must have been 50 green rubbish bags full of the contents of the house. Everything except the furniture had been put into these and I had to go through the lot because the golden rule is you never know whats going to be inside so all must be examined. I guess you all know how I like to go through old junk but the 3 rats I came across did make me think twice but at least they were dead and not alive.
Favourites today ~ the 1960's lace up black go go boots and tall green and Brown German vase.
(Also got heaps of linen, cloths, tea towels, and fabric I'm yet to go through.)

If you need to contact me about anything you see email boathome@bigpond.net.au


  1. wow dead rats???? yikes! you are brave my friend!! looks like you got some good stuff though!


  2. Oh Katherine, the Tea Towels and fabrics....what a treasure to go through. Wish I were there.

  3. Love the display cabinet in the first pic, so gorgeous, lucky you! Jas x

  4. You're very brave to do battle with rats (dead or alive) to find treasure! It must be fun never being quite sure what you'll find. Leigh

  5. HOW FUN!!! You got some wonderful things. I love going on hunts like that aslo. I think that the things you got were well worth a few little dead rats.


  6. wow...your treasures are amazing. Thank you for visiting me the other day...and happy December..hope your Christmas season is going well so far.

  7. YUKKY POOS...dead rats!! AT least there were NOT any BIG SPIDERS...then i would have LOST IT!!

    Love the furniture...

    hope the linen is good...love vintage linen..

    xx andrea


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