Friday, January 27, 2012

Sunshine on a Rainy Day at The Cottage Garden Nursery

Even when it is such a rainy day, as today is here in Brisbane, things always seem sunny at the wonderful Cottage Garden Nursery. I have lots to show you so today's post will be heavy on the photos.

Kitchen table and miss matched painted chairs.

I love the rustic country finish of the table.

Singer Sewing Machine. The treadle base is hidden behind the door. 

Mr Camel and his friend Mr Horse. These actually seem larger in real life. I thought they were fun and could look really amazing in the right home. The finish and colours are so rich, you just want to stroke them.

Lots of lovely silver, glass and crystal.
When I was a child a silver candelabra such as this one was a sign of real opulence and class.

unusual green Carlton ware vase 
Child's happy green deck chair.

Lion's Head, I didn't clean this one up too much as I like the aged green mossy look. I just have to show you a few snaps of the flowers. We get so used to the amazing blooms at the nursery that dare I say it, we can tend to take them for granted, and look at them.....just amazing and this is just a few snaps.

Nurseryman Paul and his lovely wife Kerry recently started stocking these amazing hollow logs which can be used as decorations or planters....I love their rustic naturalness. 

 And fountains....check these out. Just a few of Paul's creations. Pop in and chat to him about creating one of these stunning features in your garden.

But back to the treasures....a late arrival today was this amazing Italian Samovar. As many of you know I love to know a  bit about where the treasures we come across come from and also stories of the people who owned them.
The lady who owned this Samovar was married to a chap who worked in Australian consulates. The son told me his Mum used to love to entertain the wives of other government officials and often had grand luncheons. The samovar was filled with tea and  formed the centre of many lavish gatherings. This one was purchased while in Italy and indeed has an Italian stamp on its' base. 

For a young boy fresh from "Country town" Brisbane in the 1950's Italy, the son said, was a magical place filled with glamorous women and what felt like a film set on every second corner.

I started to take photos of the, as always, amazing cakes at Gillian's Garden Cafe located within the nursery. I have to try to resist these every time I go to the nursery!!! But I decided to video them for you for a change so I could better capture their wonderfulness and also to show you the amazing way flies are kept off the cakes. The cakes are displayed the old fashioned way and are all laid out on the side of dining area, Underneath them is refrigerated to keep them cool, but above they are open. The devices really work too, not a fly insight....check it out below.   

Hope you all have a lovely weekend. 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Good on ya sport!

                        I have some great old Australian sporting items going up on ebay tonight.

I have 8 old original photographs taken from frames that show Queensland Rugby League teams from the 1920's.
Is interesting to look closely at the old pictures and see the shape of people faces. Several of the teams seem to have young children as Mascots. So very cute.
Another interesting feature is that an awful lot of these young men seem to have ears that stick out, way more than seems the case today.

I love the old adds the programmes have.
People complain about all the adds in magazines today, but it seems to have always been the case.

I also have some 1956 Olympic badges going up on ebay tonight.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Theoldboathouse ready for the weekend

At five to 5, yesterday afternoon, just before the WAC closed, I finally felt I had my spaces full and ready for the weekend. I have left in late in the day before but never that late.

Here are a some pictures from my spots at the WAC.

deco lamp
Meadmore chair


Plus here are some pictures from the Garden Centre
Original Seagrass table

Silky Oak rocker

Have a great weekend !

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