Saturday, July 28, 2012

New to the WAC this Week

Lots of new items have headed over to the WAC this week. Below is a sample of some of my favourites.

Two seater mid century lounge in vinyl

Low line retro chest of drawers

Glass top coffee table. 

Close up of the base of the coffee table
I have rearranged the cabinet.

Rare style of globe, it is on three long feet. 
Fun, never used chef kitchen items still in their boxes.

Cookie Jar Man
Fabulous blue Genie bottle

More trunks
Anodised tea pots and tray

Retro Lamp stand.

Bright orange table lamp with it's original shade
Hope you all have a lovely weekend. 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Up coming EVENTS at the WAC ~ Bare Bones Barber Shop and Classic Movie Screenings

The WAC is always a great place to visit but on the weekends it really comes alive. There is often lots of fab things on the agenda. I thought I would let you know of a couple of great things coming up soon.
Firstly Bare Bones Pop Up Barber shop is back again this Sunday the 29th, next to the Cinema in the WAC. If you haven't heard of Bare Bones then do the men folk in your family a favour and check them out. ALL my boys are regular Bare Bones Customers. 
They have a shop on the outbound side of Wynnum Road in Morningside but why not take the chance to see them at the WAC. They are old school Barbers for the modern age and boys of all ages love what they do. 

All photos supplied by Kimmie at Western Wac....find her on Facebook.

Also coming up is Classic Movie Screenings.
Saturday the 4 of August. See Born Yesterday and Gilda in a double Bill, screening in the Cinema in the WAC. Admission is $10 per person...bookings are best for this one on 38476796 as numbers are limited. Admission includes both sessions. 

Monday, July 23, 2012

Handbags and Other things...

We have had lots of treasures coming in but for some reason I have had a little trouble getting the photos to transfer from my phone. Below are some amazing handbags that will be heading over to the WAC

Below is a fabulous mid century room divider. Open shelves on top and the bottom doors are double sided. 

This one and the double couch below have headed over to the WAC today along with some other goodies.

I like the slatted back. Covered in classic vinyl. I'll try and post some more photos soon.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Garden Centre Update ~ Camera Ready!

Well it has been a busy day at the Garden Centre today. All hands were on deck as we dusted, arranged, swept and styled. Thank goodness Nan was there to help me. A mug of Gillian's coffee and away she goes...she was a dusting machine!! But we did have a special purpose. Some visitors from the TV show The Great South East are coming to our neck of the words tomorrow and naturally we want everything to sparkle and shine.....
I have taken lots of photos, some of which are not in great focus I now realise, which is very annoying but I have still included them so you can get a bit of an idea of how my area was looking after its Spring Clean. 

People kept purchasing parts of my display, like these pots here for example, and the chairs above but they were lovely and agreed to collect them after the big day so I wouldn't have to restock in the morning.

Breakfast tray loaded with goodies, just needs some actual breakfast and it would be ready to go.

I hope you have all been having a wonderful week. Still raining here in the not so sunshiny state. Hopefully tomorrow it will be a lovely day. Oh and a big thank you to all those lovely bloggers, old friends and new, who are visiting over on Instagram. It's so much fun chatting to you all. 

Sunday, July 15, 2012

WAC update and Instagram addiction

A quick update of what is new at the WAC and an apology and explanation as to why I have been so slack with blogging.

Firstly the WAC.  There were lots of new goodies on offer at the WAC this week. Including three groovy mid century chairs, 2 of which have already sold.

Large slim line Silky Oak desk.
Retro dresser.
Heaps of fab green glass and green items like this turtle cookie jar.

Groovy spotted retro glasses.

Lovely cream Bakelite clock, still working well.

Set of six delicate green retro glasses. 
BUT why the slack blogging. Well I am addicted to INSTAGRAM.
For those of you not in the Know, and that was me a week ago..... Instagram is an app you can download onto your phone and it allows you to share photos and images quickly with other people also on Instagram. It is much more immediate than the blog but of course is limited as to how much information  you can include. So if your not on it I recommend you do, its lots of fun. You can find me at Katherinetheoldboathouse . Oh and it will give you a chance to see items quickly as they come in and even get in quick and snap them up like a certain instagrammer and blogger did with this lonely casala chair above. 
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