Saturday, November 7, 2009

Nan inspects the load

My Mum, Nan, often helps out on a Saturday when we have Garage Sales early in the morning (though today was the first day Kristen had gone to them in a fair while, I have been doing the right thing all along HAHA) and stays on to help out sometimes to the afternoon, when we have ebay pick ups. Down the front can seem like grand central, with all the comings and goings.

Nan often takes a keen interest in the loads Kristen brings home as when we get far too much for our house we have to push her one car ,out of its two car garage, to fill up with our overflow (Thanks Nan). We can't put anything in her back shed as it is already full of old stuff we will one day get to.

So when Kristen got home with this load from an old house at Enoggera this afternoon Nan was very interested,for the sake of her car, as she knew we were all ready full up this morning under our house.
But who would not want to have these 1940's to 1960 kids rides in their home or carport
; thankfully certainly not Nan
PS I have also included a picture of just some of the great smaller items Kristen got today from the same old Enoggera Home.
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  1. I love Flicka! What great finds. Thanks too for dropping by my blog.

    cristin @ simplified bee

  2. Garage's like Christmas every weekend! Looks like another great haul :o)

  3. Hi Katherine

    Thank for you so much for your lovely comment yesterday on our house and garden - you made my day! Leigh

  4. Oh yes, those old horses look wonderful. and do all those Sunlight boxes have soap in them??! Great find.
    Thanks for the comment Katherine, and yes, images of tiny puddings had been floating around in my head too! lol. Never know......

  5. Hi Pam Yes the old soap boxes are full!


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