Monday, October 29, 2012


 Fun old Hospital sign

 Lots of icky details if you look closely

 Old heater, you get idea of its size from the phone you can partly see next to it.
 Old radio
 Postal scales
 A ashtray from when you could light up in the bank

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Friday at the Cottage Garden Centre Table set twice

 I spent a good part of the day Friday getting the Garden Centre just right. Having fun decorating my Christmas trees and the top of a big kitchen table I had brought in that day. When I was finally happy with how it all looked, a couple who had looked the table over before they sat down for lunch came out from  Gillian's Garden cafe and bought the table. So I had to go home and bring back this great metal based table and rearrange and set up the table top all over again.
It is another beautiful day here in Brisbane. Don't forget you can follow me day to day on Instagram by searching and following Katherinetheoldboathouse.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Full Table Railway Signs & QR Lamps Roller Skates Glass

Well, the dining table was emptied yesterday morning and here it is again full and there is some real treasures today.

The old sign at the back is so great don't you think ? Perfect for fun in a kitchen or bathroom. Heavy old number off a train. 

Note the early years 1909 above and 1926.
The lamps at the back are big railway lamps as you can see from the one beside them.
Old bugle, amazing old syringe...which looks pretty scary!
Fabulous old skates, the ones you wear over your shoes.

Wonderful old enamel discs that would have surrounded switches etc You could do something really creative with them in a bathroom, kitchen or laundry. 
These may have to stay here with me. They are travel mementos from ships. 

Lots of old crystal and glassware.
Stunning Italian violin.


It is a beautiful day here in Brisbane. I hope you all enjoy your weekend. 

Sunday, October 7, 2012

New to the WAC

 Great old sign
 Many more vintage suitcases
 Oil Bottles and lidded Preserving Jars
 Original fire bucket

 Handbags and purses

Have a great Sunday ! Its a beautiful day here in Brisbane. Don't forget you can follow me and our latest finds at Katherinetheoldboathouse on Instagram

Monday, October 1, 2012

At it again... Dining Table shoppers and Cottage Garden update

Remember this gal, Nan? She's been at it again, shopping on my Dining Table. 
This time she chose a lovely Victorian Jardinere. But look out whose this ?

It's a new generation of dining table shopper, my niece, Hannah. 

She was very excited to find a vintage torch.
A couple of new batteries and it was good to go. 

This afternoon I did a rearrange at the Cottage Garden Nursery. I had my trusty sidekick, and chief duster, Nan with me. It's always nice to have a helper and she had to pay off her Jardinere, just kidding. 

Hat boxes


Bottles and Boxes

Lovely old butter box

Silky Oak Blanket Box

Patio Table

Stylish old carver chair
Queenslander Bench Seat

Restocked some of the crystal and glassware

It's been a long weekend here in Brisbane. So we will no doubt be playing catch up all week. Hope you all have a lovely week.

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