Friday, November 6, 2009

Friday Favourite ~ Lost and Found

This dolly size table and chairs belonged to my mother, Helen and her sister, Pamela, when they were children. They were made in the early 1940's by their Dad, my Grandfather Bertie, as a Christmas present. I am not sure if they were originally red but they were no doubt painted by my Grandma. She, like myself, loved the colour red, and every year all the painted furniture would be given a good freshen up and a new layer of paint would be added. I too played with this set, when as a child , I would stay with her in Miles and then in Roma. I loved them. When her house was sold, we were living in Victoria, and we thought this set must have been forgotten, thrown or given away. For years I nagged and hounded my Mum to ask if any one in the family new of its where abouts. ( or the other wonderful toys etc that my grandfather had made for his girls) It was so exciting when my Uncle found the little table and chairs in his back shed and now I have found a home for them in my hall.
I want to be able to see and enjoy them and keep my eye on them so they never will get lost again.
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  1. They are too cute, you are right to cherish those and the memories attached to them.

  2. They really are gorgeous. I have the table and chairs in my shed that my Dad built for my kids. One day I'm sure one of them will come looking for them. Very precious mementos.

  3. Super cute idea to hang them on the wall :) FUN!

  4. oh my gosh ~ I NEED the table underneath!!!!!! it is sooo awesome!


  5. Delightful to see the little chairs but all the more so for the family story behind them. Great idea to display them that way.

  6. Your tablescape is fabulous. One of my favourite things is chairs (little and big) displayed on the wall - love the red! Hope you're having a lovely weekend. Leigh


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