Monday, February 28, 2011

Times a wastin...

Today I should be cleaning this...Isn't it fab? I love it! Well of course I would love it, it is an old bakers stand and  it is metal, rusty and industrial and with some love it will look amazing. Particularly to all those people like me who love a bit of industrial chic.
But instead of working on this I am watching this

 the Academy Awards. Are you an awards junky like me? Who are you rooting for today? I am going for this man of course, in the big one, Best Actor,

Colin Firth . Here he is as we know him best, THE ONLY TRUE MR DARCY ha... Hope you have a lovely day.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Critics say Big THUMBS up for Hanging Gardens Cafe at The Garden Centre

This is Courtney and John who are the owners of the cafe at The Cottage Garden Nursery which they have aptly called The Hanging Gardens Cafe. John and Courtney took over the cafe last year and recently it was reviewed by online site and no surprises to all of us who LOVE the cafe the reviews are wonderful.
I quote......."An oasis in the middle of Brisbane's city landscape, Hanging Gardens is a tranquil sanctuary to unwind and escape from the hustle and bustle. Offering sumptuous gourmet fare, not to mention vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options, Hanging Gardens is a welcome addition to the East Brissie cafe scene. Sit back and relax with a cup of coffee and a freshly baked muffin or brownie (raspberry and dark choc is now a personal favourite) and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of the Cottage Garden Nursery." 

                  The peaceful setting.
                             Some of the super yummy, moist and filling muffins in question. I had a bannana one  the other day and it was fantastic. A reminder the cafe is open 7 days from 7 am to 2 pm and take away is available. ALL food is made on the premises by head chef Mick.
Below is a few recent shots of my space at the Nursery. Sorry some of the pictures are blurry.

I spotted this guy at the Nursery. It almost didn't look real at first. Living proof of the no chemical philosopy of the Nursery. Hope you had a great day.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Recent Furniture in our Space at the WAC

Really only one word to describe this....PURPLE! It is very groovy and came from a hair dressing salon. Would be great as either a counter or a bar.
Cane saucer chair in very good condition.
Elegant Silky Oak Sideboard.
Inlaid, Art Deco Table.
Fabulous stools...I love the castors. They nearly stayed here but I didn't think I could handle the stool races that would no doubt take place by my teenage sons and their mates.
Retro chest of drawers from the 1960's.
Sleek coffee table.
We always have Poufes
I also wanted to show you this little blue glass corner,
and this boxed set of Quoits. Hope you all have a lovely day. I am off to restock the Garden Centre.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Some pictures of items I have listed on ebay this week

Had a hard life but still has something don't you think?
                                                      Cane Dressing table...I think this could make quite a statement, repainted and even given some hat hooks on the sides and would look fab in an entrance way as a sort of hall table/hat stand?

                                                  Genuine Don Rex pair of chairs

                                               Cane Suite....nice pattern on the sides.
Legless sideboard....I think it would look fantastic with a white paint job and some new legs of course...
                                        Fab 1960's lounge suite with click clack couch.
To see all my ebay auctions for this week please click here

Monday, February 21, 2011

Great old 1890's door plus..... Fler De Lis

                               We found this great old door on the weekend it still has its large cast iron knocker,
                                                                        cast iron handle
                                                                         and amazing cast iron key.
                                                     (Imagine carting this key around everyday)
                                                                         and big old lock.

Normally I would not detail a door like this on the blog except as a single picture in a post about some of the items I list on ebay each week. But I just thought it deserved a few pictures, as it is like stepping back through time with all its original features especially its big old key.
It also got me to thinking that we only show some of the items we find each week on the blog. So if you are after certain items for your home, for instance, old locks or handles, I have big old trunks full of them. Or if you are putting together a collection of anything antique, vintage or retro, send me an email about it and while I may not have that item at any one time, I am happy to keep an eye out and email you when, or if, I come across an example. Often items never find their way onto ebay or to my retail outlets, at the WAC or the Cottage Garden Centre, as I am able to sell them directly to different collectors I have got to know over the years. 
So please email me if you  are after anything that you have not seen on the blog
As they say in one of Kristen's favourite movies, LA Confidential, "Fler de lis, Whatever you desire........."
Update Door  SOLD to a blog reader 5 hours after posted.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Will I ever see my dining table again? Estate Finds

I was feeling really good yesterday because I had managed to almost clear my dining room table of treasures after I had restocked the Garden Centre and the WAC during the week. I kind of knew that it wouldn't last long and sure enough this morning it is choc a block again.

 An assortment of Ginger Jars.
                  Australian Pottery.
                            Cute little Teapot...made in Norway.

     Can you see the German vase in the middle? It is blue so won't be staying with me. I really like the orange Italian vase that is a similar age to the German vase next to it.
             Tall bottles from the 1960's
                        Studio Anna plate and vase
                         Super groovy radio
            A pack of Foo Dogs (Fu, Lion's Dogs). I used to think these were really ugly but now I think they are sort of ugly/beautiful.
         I love the sickly yellow of this pair and hope they can stay with me somewhere...(I so need a bigger house)
        We also got a whole lot of vintage look Doll's furniture.

               I LOVE the little chaise........
                               It is really made very well and has lovely details.

             the green one at the back
                        and this orange basket.
                         Look out who is this approaching the table?
                 Nan likes to inspect our finds...and sometimes finds a few treasures to take home to her house.
She has found this little guy...but look at that left hand reaching....

                            What is this she has found ? A lovely jardinere in "Nan's" colours. Greens and purpley blues.
A happy dining room customer  ..ha. Nan likes to trade excellent cleaning, not to mention yummy biscuits for occasional  treasures. A more than fair trade in our books! To contact us about anything on the blog please email,  
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