Monday, May 30, 2011

Today's Estate ~ What's inside the mystery boxes ? Lucky dip

 Today we went to this stunning old home in Wilston Heights. The family are preparing it for auction. The house has been in the family since the late 1940's and they moved into it just 4 years after it was built. It is not only in very original condition but also has amazing city views.

 I love the ceiling in this room and also the cabinets that divide the two spaces. Sadly the furniture was not as exciting to us.
 I am a sucker for an original bathroom.

While we bought some furniture we also bought the bric a brac from the house sight unseen as the family had wrapped it all up in these 12 boxes that now fill my lounge room. Due to them spending hours packing and wrapping everything up I was unable to open them. So we had to take a "punt". Normally this has worked out in the past. Time will tell if it has this time. I will bring you the verdict tomorrow. I am already getting the "what's for tea ?" questions so openning the treasure chests will have to wait.
(Also I just wanted to add that I have had terrible trouble commenting on the vast majority of blogs. I don't know what is wrong with blogger but it is so annoying. I hope the problem is solved soon. If you havn't heard from me please know I am out there lurking ha)

Friday, May 27, 2011

Best to run away if you see someone with this on a foggy London night

 For the last couple of years Kristen has been keeping any interesting looking walking sticks we find and putting them in my old cane hatstand which I have had for a few years now.
"Whats the point of having a hallstand with a place for walking sticks and umbrellas and not having any there ?" he would tell me as I would give him a look that said why are you keeping that thing. (Not that I can talk with way too many West German vases)
After all why have walking sticks around the house before you really need them ?  They just remind you of what one day life will be like as you hobble along.
Chauncy happily volunteered to play the part of an old person walking along with this walking stick that Kristen picked up a couple of weeks ago.

                  but I could not make him look fearsome as he revealed the long Victorian blade....that's teenagers for you.
The funny thing was Kristen picked this up with a few other run of the mill walking sticks and thought nothing of it. Until, when he got home and we were unpacking the ute he noticed that the top had worked loose from the base in the back of the car and of course, like any typical Australian male, was immediately very excited by anything sharp, bright and deadly.
So in honour of this being a Kristencentric post I will add his favourite song for the week. He has been listening to The Beach Boys ~ Pet Sounds Album from 1965 after he read that The Beatles upon hearing it thought they had better get their act together and the result was 1966's Sgt Pepper's Lonely hearts Club Band. I never used to like the Beach Boys, but I guess it must be as I am getting older I have been really enjoying the whimsy and warmth of this song "Wouldn't it be nice..." which is the first song off Pet Sounds.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

New Furniture Arrivals at the Garden Centre and the WAC

A few of the new arrivals at The Cottage Garden Nursery includes this wonderful old trolley above. It's timber is all weather worn. I think it would look great as what I call "Garden Art", as part of a feature or on a verandah with a plant in the middle or hanging from the cross bar.

 We also took over this glorious English Oak Extension table.
 Note the lovely details underneath and on its legs.

 Such a warm colour, you just want to stroke it.
 We also took over this beachy looking day bed or couch, perfect for a Queensland lifestyle.

 I forgot to show you this old work bench I fixed up and took over recently. It is behind the long pew in the foreground.
 It has a fab old clamp on one side.
 I painted the base of the work bench white and left the top the nice old rustic timber.
 At the WAC we took over this beachy coffee table above. The drawers are handy for hiding remotes or for keeping games or kids pencils and paper for example.

 This Art Deco sideboard has also had a beachy revamp.
 It really shows up the nice feature on the glass centre door.
Small book shelf. Handy size for a bedroom or hall etc.

 Wassily chair, so groovy.
 Pair of mid century timber arm chairs. They have their original covers which are in very good order for age.
I think I am just going to get this post done in enough time to watch the first State of Origin game...so I can't resist a GO QUEENSLAND !!!! Hope you are all having a good week.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

From Kitsch to KITSCH ~ Finding Love for Bad Taste

It used to seem to me that when we used the word Kitsch we were using it in a derogative way to describe something, gaudy, tasteless, tacky and in the levels of what was considered to be of artistic and monetary value it was way down the bottom. Now I think it has become more of a term of endearment, still describing the tacky, but seeing it as having a cultural and even aesthetic value in itself...what do you think? While you think, check out some of what I see as the levels of kitsch in this group of  items we purchased recently.
Glassware from the 60's and 70's ~ Elegant, classy kitsch

 Japanese ceramics from the same era ~ Walt Disney inspired cutie pie Kitsch
 Novelty Salt and Peppers ~ Classic Kitsch
 Faux Gold Lustre fish Ashtrays and Faux Gold Sheep money box ~ super Kitsch
 Gold Elephant pulling an ornate Drink set with Royal theme...now that's UBER KITSCH!!
 So ugly you just have to love him I say.
 Nodder Japanese Patent T.T. Nodder Fish ~ Collectable Kitsch. Once upon a time on ebay these were very sort after.
Some say Kitsch is ugly, poor taste, mass produced and worthless. What do you think ? I think it is fun, over the top and always makes me laugh so isn't that something worth valuing ? Hope you have a lovely Sunday.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Which one would Madam like? - Vintage hats

Good morning Madam, yes you need a hat, which one would madam like?
This one is a favourite Madam,
notice the touch of sparkle and neat bow.
or perhaps pill box Madam,
with criss cross pattern to add that extra interest ?

or this one Madam, I am liking the pale lemony colour...

Does Madam like fur ? What's that Madam ? Oh no Madam, this is Faux Fur, no little creatures were
harmed with this one.
Perhaps Madam prefers something sleek, something...sexy ?

And what about this one? Head bands are very popular Madam...What's that ?
A bit too mother of the bride..I see, perhaps Madam would desire a larger brim ?

Something warmer Madam, say in felt?
With lovely stiched details on the edge and stylish two tone band.
No madam this one is not for you...a bit too Julie Andrews, Sound of Music.

Yes Madam this one is very Film Noir.....Madam has excellent taste.
All these hats and a few more are available now at the Woolloongabba Antique Centre. Hope you have a lovely day.
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