Friday, November 25, 2011

It's beginning to look alot like CHRISTMAS ~ at the Cottage Garden Nursery

This week I got in the Christmas spirit at The Cottage Garden Nursery and set up this fun Christmas table.
I used this great Trestle Table that was already painted a nice Shabby white and paired it with some odd Kitchen chairs. instead of one tree I got a bit excited and did four. The decorations are all from my vintage collection of course.

With the addition of some pretty china,
and the some gold and silver too
a few bon bons and candles,
it now looks like Christmas at the Nursery.

These stars that I have hung from my ladder are new but I couldn't resist them.
There are lots of new, old things at the Nursery too
Kristen got this Edwardian Chest of Drawers only this morning.
It has been fully restored not long ago.
I can never resist split cane and these pair are child size.
This is an Antique book binding instrument, for sewing book pages and spines together.
I am about to head over to the WAC with some great treasures I can't wait to show you. Frankie, my eldest said.." Mum there is NO way that all that stuff is going to fit in your car"...Ahh but it has yey, even if I have to drive with my knees squashed up to the dash and a spear dangerously close to my neck..ha. I hope you have a great weekend. I am super excited ONE MORE SLEEP till DOLLY PARTON....can't wait...it's Dolly Parton people...such a star, such a legend!!! 

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Mid week at the WAC

Lots of new goodies went over to the WAC today and I hope to get more there tomorrow. Below is a few pictures of some of my favourite new things.

Hope you are all having a good week.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Saturday Omnibus ~ A week of Panic, Relaxation and treasure finding

So big news for me this week, my youngest, Lotte, went on camp. That's nice you say, no big deal you think...well for me it caused a minor panic and all round near meltdown ha.There were lots of big boys saying "Calm down Mum" and bigger still boys saying, "Just relax honey". But those who know me know I am not great at doing either, where Lotte is concerned, and for the days leading up to camp I had that feeling like someone had punched me in the stomach and then decided to reach in and pull out my heart....
Here is Lotte looking super excited, ( NOT ), moments before she left on the camp bus. Lotte, unlike her mother, is always relaxed, so relaxed she is very good at nodding off during moments of high chaos and commotion.  She doesn't travel light and below is just the tip of the iceberg of gear she took with her for her two nights away.

My panic extended to panic purchases...she suddenly had to have new shoes for camp, new haircut, new outfits. Everything was labelled ...a huge 12 page booklet on everything her carers needed to know, about everything Lotte,  had to be written. Thank goodness Kristen had a plan for me to ease my extreme anxiety and severe separation complex while Lotte was on camp. 
But I was in PANIC mode so this plan led initially to panic food shopping. Notice all the instant and ready to heat meals.
Panic stocking of the WAC and garden centre...including this retro TV
coffee table

Unusual Art Deco style cupboard/dresser. But I am sure you will be pleased to know as soon as I saw this ...
I stopped panicing....Very soon, if asked, I would have said..."Children ? What Children?"
Kristen took me to the Sheraton Noosa while Lotte was on camp...what a super husband! That's why I had to shop up on the instant meals, as we left Frankie and Chauncy home to look after the house etc....(the etc is code for... have heaps of friends over when Mum and Dad aren't around and have free use of Mum's car. )
Our room was at the end of the longest corridor...it reminded me of some kind of movie set.
I drank way too many cocktails and the time went too fast. We have been home now for under 24 hours and already my dining room table, which was empty before we left, looks like this....

Thank goodness Nan is here and she can help me clean and organise. I hope you all had a great week too.  

Friday, November 11, 2011

Today at the WAC and the Garden Centre

                            New things at the WAC and the Cottage Garden Nursery today.

Super Groovy coffee table with pull out poufes.

Old Radio

Loved the cantilever suitcase. Perfect for crafters to keep all their goodies in style

Super groovy retro speakers.
The matador and Bull area...


Groovy Bar Stools
Perfectly aged kitchen chair, just the right amount of wear to give it a genuine shabby look.
Matching pair of Italian ornate lamps. I really like the colour and shape of the shades.

At the Garden Centre

Twinkly chandelier lamp...these used to be super popular back when I used to do heaps of eBay. I could pack these beauties in my sleep, if I do say so myself. Mind you I could think of a thousand things I'd rather do...
Sweet rocking horse.
And look at these iceberg roses...
...so stunning and they smell wonderful.
I also love these hydrangeas.

I can't help myself I always have to check out the cakes Gillian has on offer in the cafe. I imagine which one I would choose out of the to die for collection. Today it would be the Carrot Cake...check out how thick that icing is.
And look it's sparkly...YUM! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. 
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