Monday, January 31, 2011

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Getting ready for the Weekend..Woolloongabba Antique Centre

              Here are some shots I took yesterday of my space at the WAC.  It seems without my really realizing it that I have a thing for cane at the moment. And why not really it is so great for our climate and lifestyle don't you think?
                     I love the shape of this suite, particularly the single chairs which have that sort of pod or egg like shape. They are in the natural cane. It could of course be painted and this would change the look again. But for me I love the warmth  and Boho feel of the natural cane.
                            Mid century nest of tables. The tops are heavy dark glass.
                                                   More cane, swivel bar stools.
                         Turned leg hall or side table.
         I really like the shape of this cane side table. It reminds me of the circus.
             House signs. We were chatting at the Wac yesterday that these can look great grouped together on a wall, they don't just have to be for the front of the house.
                                   Yes there is always a few of these around if I am near...Stools, handy for so many things.
                                       Glassware and crystal. I used to not like this sort of thing but sitting on the industrial old bench I really like the combination of the two very different styles. Hope you have a good weekend.       

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I have been a bit busy of late with expanding at the WAC, floods and all and something has had to give....
This was to be my holiday reading list. Fortunately they look nice as a coffee table decoration as I am yet to sink my teeth into them.
 The other is the housework. I used to be one of those people who couldn't go anywhere or do anything if the house wasn't in strict order. Check out these cobwebs, a virtual village of eight legged new found friends...they have gone beyond mere cobwebs and I feel like I am in Northanger Abbey or Great Expectations. I always wanted to be in a Gothic novel but this is getting a bit to Halloween. Occasionally a lone scout from the above army of arachnids likes to drop down on a long strand of web and then we watch as he ascends back up to his home. (Notice also we are soon to enter into darkness with only two bulbs still working)

This is as far as I have got with most of these books...the covers, but don't they look good. Yes I know "don't judge a book by its cover" but the titles alone are enough to get me excited.
This one I purchased as I was unashamedly captivated by the recent series Nine by Design...did anyone else watch it?
 Imagine my excitement when I was flicking through and spotted this as a source for the talented design team....Yes no surprises really... Desire to Inspire Of course if I was a good friend and actually read Jo's media page I would have already known this. But to be honest it was much more exciting to  "discover" this myself. So employing the scientific theory..ahmm..of six degrees of seperation (and also because Jo is so lovely to share her purchases from me on her page within her blog) the words theoldboathouse could have been uttered by Courtney or Robert themselves (authors of Downtown chic)...I know dream on lovie...but hey day dreaming is all I have time for at the moment..ha.
            This is going to be a go to book I can just tell.
Ohh and there has been a few more casualties today...my eight legged friends are no longer lodgers. RIP. And look at those bright lights!! Happy Australia Day!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Welcome New Kid on the WAC Block

Many of you may already know the new kid on the block at The Woolloongabba Antique Centre. She is of course the lovely Sandy from Paint me White  We are all very excited to have Sandy here. Although Sandy is new to the WAC she has been painting wonderful vintage pieces for years. I can still remember our first curb side chat many years ago now...I think it was an Art Deco sideboard that was heading home with Sandy to get the Paint me White look that day. We would like to welcome her to our little WAC neighbourhood...
                                 There are "lots of friendly people in our neighbourhood" and I thought it was a good chance to show you just some of the gang's shops.
         This is the super chic Sarah-Jane, co owner of the WAC. This is SJ's stall...otherwise known as "Almost Famous". She has lots of fab retro gear and stacks of amazing vintage clothing.
         This is Heather's Shop. You may remember Heather has just opened The Ipswich Antique Centre. To see more of her new centre just click here  .
                        Atomic Cafe....the hippist pair in the WAC. They have amazing vintage movie posters, memorabilia, advertisements and mid century furniture. If you would like a further sneek peek at some of their fab goodies check out their blog .
                The stylish Lisa of Industrial Revolution who specialises in local and imported unique industrial Antiques...wonderful mannequins and fun old lockers are some of my favourites in Lisa's stall at the moment.
                           My lovely neighbours Tess and Ali, who met at high school, have fun Retro items, mirrors pictures and lamps.
                      Our old buddies from our many years ago Antique Fair days, Di and Geoff who have some great country and retro items and very reasonably priced furniture, jewellery and bric a brac. (sorry the photo didn't work out well)
              The always bubbly Karie from The click clack Lounge...this girl has lived vintage since she was a teenager. She looks like she stepped out of an episode of Here's Lucy and has the best collection of vintage eye wear!! She sews aswell and makes wonderful unique handbags.
               Plus the very talented Laura who is a set dresser and props buyer for the movie industry (what a job !).... She has really lots of fun goodies and clothing.
    The sweet Tara from Vintage St Therese...religous kitsch is her speciality and passion.
 The groovy Treasure Shack...many of you may know from ebay. Fab retro gear! They always have a great selection of vintage ladies for your wall...Yes I know do you see it too, down in the left corner?  Yes look at the lovely German floor vase!!

And who is this? Why its me of course...shop 17!
       One of my favourites this week is this lamp stand...look at the shape of the legs!
             Anytime furniture has socks on I can't resist it and this chair has the cutest red set of feet.
                                             Vintage silver mesh Oroton evening  bag.
                               Shell light...these always fascinate me.
Heavy Art Glass vase...fantastic colour! So if you have a spare day come and be sure and visit us all at the Woolloongabba Antique Centre...and welcome again to our new old friend Sandy.
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