Sunday, November 1, 2009

Local Brisbane weekly vintage Auction

I have solved my computer problem by buying a new computer, (No skill involved). I have also solved my camera problem, buy also buying a new camera, but I have not yet figured out how to make the new camera work with a memory card (Some skill involved). So I cannot take any new pictures.

But I realised I have some pictures on my memory card of items that will sell this week at well known Brisbane Auction house, McDonald Auctions . Mcdonalds is a general auction house that sells every Tuesday from They often have some fantastic vintage items for sale. I generally have 20 to 30 items sell there each week, 3 of which, pictured in this post, will sell this Cup Tuesday.
I have been selling and buying items at McDonalds since 1993 and have never had a problem. If you click on the McDonalds auction link above and then go to the Gallery section you will see a cross section of the items for sale this week. Most of the smaller items pictured are ours and they will be going off like all items at McDonalds at no reserve.


  1. Hi Katherine the auctions sounds like heaps of fun. The piece you have pictured in the secone photo can you tell me what timber that is please. I have a piece almost identical and are shocking with timber types. thanks Sandy

  2. I have always wanted to know where to look for your stuff at the Brisbane auctions, I will check it out Katherine, oh, and thanks for waving to me this morning in Oxford Street!

  3. Hi Sandy, thanks for the question, it is Silky Oak, cheers Katherine


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