Monday, September 19, 2011

One on P's, One on L's ~

Today was an exciting day in our house. Frankie got his P's, ( P plates) and Chauncy got his L's ( Learner's plates) 
So as we breath a sigh of relief with one son that we no longer have to drive him round the neighborhood , the task begins again with son number two. These days you are required to do a minimum of 100 hours driving before you can go for your licence. For parents these 100 hours seem to take forever.  As soon as the boy's got  home they were borrowing the car keys and off to the video shop on their own. It will be great that they can do these simple things together without Mum or Dad. It was a strange feeling for Kristen and I though and I couldn't help thinking of the famous Cat Steven's song...."what I really want Dad is to borrow the car keys, see you later can I have them please."

Thursday, September 15, 2011

New Member of The Cottage Garden Family

There is a new family member at The Cottage Garden Nursery. He is very cute, very chirpy and very yellow. He is yet to be named although some suggestions are "Elvis", "Tweety" and "Saffron".
In the video he is in his temporary cage, as he kept escaping from his flashy cage. But today when I got to the nursery he was in his new cage, thanks to a few modifications from Paul.
His new cage, minus birdy.
I don't know what it is but with animals and small children but  I obviously develop a sing songy voice. Birdy has been a big hit with the small (children) visitors to the nursery.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Some of the FURNITURE Auctions on ebay this week

Here are pictures of some of the furniture auctions I will be listing on ebay tonight.
The photo doesn't really show how tall this guy is. Would be great as a filing cabinet or cd/dvd storage.
This chap would have started life out in a hospital. Has a super feel with its office style drawer.
Old window hoods off a Queenslander house.

This one is solid silky oak save for the shutter panels, which would not be original. Would have been a black board I would think, but now could be a divider or screen.

The one on the left highlights the crimes committed during the late 1980's against furniture...painted mosiacs in tuscan colours...hmmm never a good idea. They are both dying for a 2011 makeover.

Elegant cane chair awaiting a refurb. The elegance of this design means it could suit many styles of home.
I really like the shape of these pair.
To view these items on ebay please click here .
They will be listed 7.30 pm tonight.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Some of my ebay Auctions for this week

This week we will be putting up some furniture auctions on ebay but we also are putting up a few mail auctions tonight. Click on the pictures to get a good look.
Diana Greyhounds
Wembley Ware Wall vase
Wembley Ware Fish plate
Grace Seccombe Penguin
Carltonware Spider  Plate

And my favourite, I. A. Crisp Kookaburra Plate. To view these items on ebay please click here .
They will be listed 7.30 pm tonight.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Snelling ~alicious ~ Should I Keep ?

So surprisingly I have kept my promise to you and here is the chair Kristen got yesterday....I heart him (the chair, and Kristen too I guess...I mean he did get this chair, ha) soooo much!
The chair was designed by Douglas B. Snelling and manufactured by Functional Products at their factory in St Peters, Sydney in the 1950's. The design is based on American and Scandinavian models which Douglas Snelling saw while working in the USA
I want to keep it !!! Should I ? Kristen says we have too many chairs no one sits on and I am too FAT to sit on it and I would break it for sure, and we don't need more chairs no one sits on...Aargh!!!
I do see his may seem harsh but the man does speak the truth !!
Perhaps I could see it as my "Diet chair" and when I eventually am slim, sexy and svelte (cough, splatter, laugh) I could take a picture of myself to celebrate in this chair ha....What do you think ?
It will need a good clean...very grubby, normally these chairs are in poor condition when you get them and need a lot of work. This one is in surprisingly good condition and once given a good clean will come up a treat I know. BUT I won't ever hear the end of it if it breaks...decisions, decisions.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Bric a Brac From Today's Estate ~

It seems like ages since I have done a dining table post of the days bric a brac finds. It doesn't seem like ages though since the dining table was empty so I must have just been slack in showing you.
Today Kristen went to an inner city house on the Northside. Due to a large storm at lunch time he called me over to move the bric a brac as it is much easier in my car than the ute in rainy weather. The only down side of this is my car will smell dusty and musty for days after. The truth is I don't mind when it means we have this lot of treasures to sort through.
I am loving this large lamp.

Foo Dogs
Close up of the nice layer of dust on the Foo Dogs. The magic of china though is it will all clean off and their beauty will be revealed again.

Le Creuset casserole dishes. We got quite a few and a saucepan too.
I love the colour of these 60's lamps. The bases are marble and are therefore quite heavy.
Unusual set of stainless steel bowls. The trim is fantastic and very 1970's.
Cantilever sewing box. Quite large and on wheels.
Lastly I love this large bottle. I dare not keep it as I know it would start a large bottle obsession but I do love it so. Kristen also got a fabulous chair from the house aswell. I know what you are thinking...a chair big deal....but I will show it to you tomorrow, pinky promise, as I am too slack to walk downstairs and photograph it now. I know some of you will ADORE it as much as me.  Hope you all have a good weekend.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Vitalogy ~ A Real Pearler

Vitalogy is probably best known nowadays as the third Album of the American band Pearl Jam released on November 22, 1994 through Epic Records.  Vitalogy, the album, was packaged in a booklet that replicated material from a early medical book of the same name. We recently purchased a copy of the medical book from an Estate. It is a fascinating old book.
Wonderful illustrations.

Important information every family should how a home should look.
Fascinating chapter titles like the one above.
And glorious details, that you only find in vintage books that were made with care. Like the spider web embossed paper that protects the illustrations. A bit of  Pearl Jam below from the Album Vitalogy. Of course to my children they too are Retro/vintage.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

New Mid Century Dee- lights at the WAC Today

Well as promised here is the rest of the fab mid century furniture I purchased  late last week. It has made its way over to the WAC along with a lovely mannequin that Kristen purchased only this morning.
Dining table and chairs
Note the lovely shape to the table and chair legs.

Coffee Table. Again a lovely shape, nice and solid and also a good size.
It is sitting on the work bench you may remember from a recent make over post. The work bench has found an owner and is awaiting pick up to take it to its new home.

Pair of bedside Tables.

Lovely mannequin, with desirable timber base. (One of two the other will go to The Cottage Garden Nursery soon.)

Hookey game....classic fun!! I think they also make for quirky art too.
 Finally this fabulous day bed couch. The back folds down into a bed. This one arrived at the WAC at lunch time and Dave quickly remembered a customer who had come in looking for one just like it who was lunching in the cafe. (Thanks Dave !!) It has already gone off to its new home.
The fabric was in fabulous condition and was a soft wool knit in mustard and brown. The photo makes it look  a bit yellow. Hope you are all having a good start to the week.
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