Monday, June 28, 2010

Challenges Continue.... so some fun stuff instead!

We are still experiencing some computer dramas and now it seems I have lost the photos that I took last week...really I am so Html / computer challenged....I am now on son number twos computer....an item he values over all...I am sure he would save it first before all else if the house was burning down............so I should feel very honoured if not a tad nervous in case I touch or do something unapproved! So instead of showing you what I wanted I thought I would share some other pics from the weekend.

The first pics are of some amazing magnolia branches I was gifted by the lovely Jo at desire to inspire Finally, after what we worked out was years of purchasing and visits from her charming husband Kelvin, the cuddly and super cute Mickey (the dog), and super offsider and spy Ron, I finally met Jo!! She is even lovelier and more stylish in person and I was so excited it felt like I was greeting an old friend not someone I had never met...that's the amazing and special thing about blogging and ebaying. I put my branches in what else.....a German floor vase, I can't wait for them to start openning. I just love them!! Thanks Jo.
The muted in colour if not size, German pot and branches I think blend well with the old PNG spears of Kristens, who has now taken to collecting old spears and leaning them, like in this picture, into wall corners around the house.
If we get home invaded we will have a chance as long as they don't have guns.

I was lucky to score a ticket at the last minute to the production of FAME showing at QPAC at the moment. It was lots a fun...you know how I love a musical. I did not embarrass my friends by singing along....but the temptation was there. My niece (by friendship) Jess refused to show her gorgous face for a pic so her head is the program haha.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Doulton in the Garden from Yesterdays Estate

When ever we go to an old estate house we always have to remind ourselves to look everywhere including the garden. Yesterday Kristen found this old Doulton Gaffers cookie jar base ( top photo) in the garden of an old home. The other two pieces pictured are two bits of Australian Pottery we have found over the years in the garden of old homes that now have a place in my home.
(Sorry to everyone for being so slack on the blogging front this past week. We have had a few computer issues, but I hope to show you some of the things we have been up to this past week in the coming days.)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Favourite things around the Cottage Garden Nursery Today...

Don't you just love the blue of this old bentwood chair?

I am using this old timber clothes airer to display tablecloths, doileys and other linen.

Classic set of Genuine Black and White Enamel Canisters.

One of my favourites are the vintage French Country style, old school Bar stools.

Cute little wooden step ladder. These make fun plant stands or shelves don't you think?

This ornate chair is made from cast iron and I think it would make a great bathroom chair.

This cute pair of tables are made from cast metal and have "Happiness and Comfort" on their top. They are only about 35cm high I would say, perfect for a cup of tea.

I love this style of lamp it looks both retro and ornate at the same time.

The florist always has an inspirational array of flowers to choose from and there is always something unexpected like these blooms above.

Shop 17, theoldbaothouse.
The Cottage Garden Nursery
999 Stanley St. East (cnr Edgar St.)
East Brisbane

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Retro Estate found today

Kristen got a lead on an old house this morning right when it was time for him to drop our middle child Chauncy, off at school. So as he went out the front door he shouted out to me that I would have to drop Chaunc off. "NO WORRIES" I thought as I looked at the clock. Chauncy has to be at school by 8.20, while Lotte's bus normally does not arrive till 8.20.
But it all worked out ok, the Bus was early, Chauncy was to school on time and Kristen came home with a ute lot of really cool retro items. Some of the furniture I have pictured above will be going up on ebay tonight. You can click here to see my ebay listings.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Thank-you Chic Modern Vintage and Little Bench finds a new home

You may remember this cute little child's size garden bench that appeared recently on the blog and went off to The Cottage Garden Nursery. My lovely fellow dealers and friends, Bev and John Christenson, purchased this cutie for their Grandchildren's cubby house. Bev has just started a new blog White French showcasing her beautiful home, her passion for antiques and her shop at the Cottage Garden Nursery. It is always fun to see where our items eventually find a home so it was lovely to see these pics on Bev's blog....thanks Bev. Don't you think that is just the most fantastic cubby?

Thank-you Tonia from Chic Modern Vintage
for this lovely award. As a recipient I have to tell you seven things about myself that you don't know. As I recently told you seven things and alas I'm really not that interesting, lol, I thought I would show you the questionnaire I took recently when the lovely Tonia asked me to 'Moonlite' on her blog.Let’s begin with the proverbial question.
Why did you start blogging?
We started blogging to share our daily search for antique and vintage goodies with others who love vintage.
Five words that describe your blog as it is today.
Fun, Eclectic vintage and Antique treasures
What is a typical day like for you?
Well I am a Mum, so it usually begins with the normal Mum stuff of lunches, school run, washing and so on and then it depends either off to an estate to purchase goods, off to the Cottage Garden Nursery or Woolloongabba Antique Centre where we have shop spaces or photographing stock for our weekly ebay listings.

7 things that you love

1. Family and friends
2. Decorating my house
3. Gardening
4. Going to the movies
5. Searching through Estate houses to purchase items for theoldboathouse

.........................You have to look everywhere when you buy the entire contents of an old house!

6. Home Magazines
7. All the lovely bloggers who take the time to comment

Any recent finds or purchases that you are most proud of?
Hard question, each week there is something really special...but the best finds are the rare items and the surprise finds that sometimes come from homes you would not think would have anything much, but you open a door and then WOW the blood rushes and you know you have found something great.
What’s in your purse you think you can’t live without?
I can't live without the various wardrobe and door keys on my key ring...this is a good tip for those who love thrifting or going to garage sales. A lot of old doors had standard keys but these can get lost over time. People are reluctant, understandably to sell cupboards etc they cannot open and remove or check the contents. If you can open it...well that is a different story. I have been able to purchase many lovely items thanks to my small collection of various keys on my car key ring and it also impresses the seller that you are serious and girl scout prepared.
Anything else you'd like to tell readers ? These questions are harder to answer then you think...ha ha

Speed round:
Modern or Vintage or Combo of the 2........I admit I like everything....but my heart is with vintage.
Heels or Flats......Flats, you need sensible shoes to move antiques.
Dress or pants......Definetly pants, dresses tend to twirl up when moving furniture...not a good look!
City or Country....the dream is country but my heart is in the noises and lights of the city
Toast or English muffin....Both! hey what can I say...I love my food...haha

Monday, June 14, 2010

Chairs chairs and more chairs

Seem to have a bias towards chairs in my ebay listings this week. To see all of my listings for this week click here

Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday Favourite ~ Thank -you My Sweet Prints and Paper Tree Design

Today is a day for saying thank-you firstly to the lovely Michelle at Paper Tree Design
for the Versatile Blogger Award. Michelle is a very talented artist and a fellow Brissie girl and makes the most amazing things. Thanks Michelle, sorry again it has taken me so long to accept. As a recipient of the award I have to say 7 things about myself that you may not know...so here we go.
1. I bought my first piece of furniture (vintage of course) for my future house at age 12.
2. I still own this piece despite the fact that thousands of items have come through my hands over the years.
3. I was a child bride...well almost, married at 19.
4. I am an "army brat" and loved my childhood living on army bases and going to school in army trucks.
5. As such I went to seven different schools.
6. I didn't learn to drive until after the birth of my third child....at age about 27.
7. My gorgous youngest child Lotte, pictured below, now aged 10, is intellectually and physically disabled, we don't know why, just one of those things...

The next thing I need to do is of course pass on this award, which is just too hard I say, I love too many wonderful blogs, so I just say grab an award folks!

The next bit of business is a big, big thankyou to the sweetest of sweet people, Jenette at My Sweet Prints for sending me these lovely hair clips, she made, for Lotte...I won her fab give away. They arrived a couple of days ago and Lotte's fav's are the green ones as they match her wheel chair. Hope you all have a lovely weekend...hope you find some treasures too...

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Vintage fabric and some amazing Shell lights

Aren't these just amazing? They are almost so kitsch that they have gone full circle and become the most amazing little works or worlds of art. They do look wonderful all lit up. Back in the day these were very popular on ebay but even then I would have hesitated to list and then have to pack the fabulous coral ones as they are just to delicate.

I have been at it again with my fabric obsession and have some amazing vintage prints at the moment....these will be off to The Woollongabba Antique Centre.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

theoldboathouse blogs in North America

I am very lucky to have been asked to guest blog at Chic Modern Vintage
Plus I had to take the Chic Modern Vintage introduction quiz. Thanks to the lovely Tonia for this opportunity...it was so much fun.
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