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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

As Promised Dining Table Treasures from Recent ESTATE

So there has been a little delay in showing you the treasures now waiting to be attended to on my dining table. Yesterday I happily downed tools for the day and excitedly headed off with Anita from Fun and VJ's , in the Subaru, to visit our friend Jo from Desire to Inspire in her new, amazing (old) abode, in fabulous Ipswich.(Yes you read right Ipswich is fabulous). Let me just say, as we drove down Jo's street looking for her house number it was suddenly more than obvious which one was Jo's. We let out a communal gasp as we ogled the verandah decor. Jo gave us the tour and every corner just oozes style. All I could think was..."And this is unrenovated...just imagine how it will look when she has worked her magic on it ??" You can read more about our adventures here and the stunning new store in Ipswich, E S Traders, Jo introduced us to. Yes I know I should have taken pics...next time for sure !!
 Now on to the dining table..don't forget you can enlarge the photos by clicking on them.
Beautiful Birds
Amazing ashtray, his jaw wobbles.
I love this milk jug and sugar bowl.
Large German vase.....yes he is staying...I have already somehow managed to make a space for him and will introduce him to his other pals soon.

I am in love with this girls face.
Another statue of Mary.
Sweet Brownie Downing Cup and Saucer. Hope you all have a great day. Remember if you see anything on the blog you love you can email us at boathome@bigpond.net.au

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Vintage Travel Trunk and Luggage LOVE ~ Maybe my favs eva!!!!

So yesterday Kristen went to an estate and came home with his usual dining room table, filling haul of treasures, (show you that soon I promise) but what he may or may not have known is he came home with a dilemma for me. A day later my heart is still moving from my chest to my stomach every time I see them. How am I going to part with them?? I cannot keep them ~ house too small. So let me just say they better sell to someone lovely, ha, because HOW for the LOVE of all things vintage, am I going to SELL them?Ahhhhh
Newbies to this blog may think I am over exaggerating my love of these trunks of delight but you can read about this early affair here.

These ones are perhaps some of the most special ones we have had due to the amazing quantity and condition of the travel labels/stickers on them. Particularly the trunk and hat box. There is also a suitcase aswell.

  Anytime I see old New York advertising on anything I just love it!
                                                                     Hat Box

                                     This other hat box has none and has largely been overlooked by me, but on any other day I would adore it. For a start it is leather, it is in perfect condition and
just look at the wonderful orangey interior.
I hope you have all had a lovely weekend. They seem to go super fast these days don't they ?

Saturday, March 26, 2011

To the Lighthouse......Lamps

 Kristen recently purchased this amazing pair of Lighthouse lamps from a charming elderly Italian couple. They, the lamps, always make me think of Virginia Woolf's book.."To the Lighthouse" one of my favourites. Anyway it is rare to get a pair. There are several different incarnations of these iconic deco lighthouse lamps, these ones are very heavy.
 The details such as the steps and chain around the top are very endearing I think. They are missing their round white glass shades that should go on the top. They had in their place the ugliest 80's ornate things...(crime on lightshades type of light shades) like the ones that you still see on those 3 pronged ceiling lights. I should have shown you, but they went in the bin, super fast!!
                                                                 Don't you love the details?

                                                 And the way the windows light up when it is on?
Kristen told me that the wife said to him in her thick, charming, Aussie, Italian voice, very emphatically "They are antique.... over 200 years old!"  Kristen said to her jokingly he didn't even think Thomas Edison had yet been born 200 years ago. The husband said "No they are only 100 years old" . A little closer. People often think old equals Antique, or if it belonged to Grandma that it has to be old....sometimes it is not worth explaining to people that Grandma may have bought it only the year before she passed away.Though these lamps would date from the 1930/40's. Hope you have a lovely weekend.

Friday, March 25, 2011

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