Monday, August 29, 2011

Oranges and Lemons Omnibus and don't forget to check out the skips

I took these Giant clam shells to the garden centre on Saturday, I thought they looked great with lemons and oranges in them. The one with the lemons in them sold yesterday so in future all I will buy is two bags of lemons for display rather than a bag each of lemons and oranges for variety.

Retro metal phone table and patio setting that came from the same groovy, retro, house as a bar I have pictures of below.

I love old typewriters...
and old books.

On to the WAC.....
Super groovy bar with lots of fab features,

like the tea towel holder and cupboards,
like this fab pull out drinks tray.

Recliner mid century chairs, pictured is one of three pairs.
The windows at the WAC suited last weeks weather....full of umbrellas. So clever but hard to photograph.

  We went to a house last week that already had two full skips in the driveway. Always remember to ask the people if you can look at what they have thrown away just incase you can use what they have thrown away.
This was the first piece that caught my eye, fortunately this old art deco gal had no chips from being thrown away.
This beswick horse saldy was not so lucky and had to be put down.
Also remember (but for some you would have to be a hard core vintage lover like me to attempt ha) to check the bins when you see full skips, as folks often fill them up at the same time when clearing an old house.
This is how I found this bin when I opened the lid.
The treasure trove went all the way through (yes this meant I had my head in a bin...not for the faint hearted) it was like they moved the black bins into the lounge room and emptied the china cabinets straight into them.
Here is just some of the items I salvaged.
While a lot was broken, from just being thrown in, it was amazing what survived intact
Of course you cannot break old collectable tea towels
Hope you all have a good week.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Happy Customer ~ Pod/ Egg Chair finds the Home it was always meant to have!

Remember the fantastic Pod chair below that we purchased and it headed to the WAC ?

You might remember it didn't find someone to love it at the WAC and it came home and went on Ebay. Well that is not entirely true. The truth is it did find someone that LOVED, ADORED, DESIRED and DREAMT about owning this chair whilst it was at the WAC. And the wonderful end to this love affair is .....


Meet Tess..one of the sweetest, kindest and grooviest chics around. (She is also my neighbour at the WAC, having the stall next to mine with her friend Ali. ) SHE WON !! Here it is in her home.

A couple of her happy brood in the chair, which now takes pride of place in her lounge room. (Which is pretty groovy place don't you think? ) Behind the pod chair is a cupboard Tess also purchased from theoldboathouse and you can just see her coffee table which was her first ever oldboathouse purchase, many many years ago now, also through ebay.
I am so excited Tess got her chair....some things are just meant to be I say. I had been feeling a little guilty as I had forgotten to tell Tess I had brought it home and put it on ebay. It wasn't until the final seconds of the auction that I saw her name appear in the bidding and I am sure my neighbours could hear me scream...GO TESS !!!
Even better her husband (also a Frankie Franky) loves it too !!! Hope you all have a great weekend. I have been having a little break from blogging this past week. But all should be back to normal now and I have heaps to show you.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Work Bench Makeover number Two

Over the last couple of days I have been working on another work bench makeover. This one is quite simple and classic so I have painted the base and sanded and estapoled the top to give it a bit of a farmhouse, french or even beachouse shabby look...hey its important to cover all the markets in the furniture game he he. But the result I think is that it could sit nicely in many styles of home or be great in an indoor outdoor area as a preperation table.
Below are some more before shots. But they were taken after I had degreased the top, an important but very messy job. 

Below are more after shots.

Hope you are all having a lovely week. We have a holiday today here in Brissie for our show or EKKA (Exhibition) as we call it so I am finding it hard to motivate myself.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My ebay auctions this week

Full cedar table
 it has lovely carved legs.
another old table
Old retro bike the "ROCKY" in great original condition.
Grace Seccombe figure
Moorcroft Vase
Old Sandgate bottle
Egg chair you may have seen on the blog before.

I have not been able to sell him so it is off to ebay with a .99 cent start
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