Monday, November 2, 2009

Some great old vintage items from last Friday

Finally some success with working out the camera, the joys of working out new electronic items. Most of the items from last Fridays 2 house estate have been packed away or moved on already. But I still have many of my favourites yet to sell, and I have pictured some of them in this blog post. You can only post 5 pictures per post. So I chose my 3 favourite things and Kristen has chosen his 2 favourites. I love the paint work and feet on the old meatsafe, I had to include the little gold horse shoe with the cup being tomorrow and I always love old fancy unpainted cane which is getting really hard to find these days in good order. Kristen choose the old copper lightening rod made from, in part, an old bomb shell because it may be pretty unique if not worth a great deal, while I guess he crassly chose the Rolex Oyster because its the opposite.
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  1. I love old meatsafes and this one certainly is gorgeous. Also love the cane chairs - they always remind of long ago and I always picture them surrounded by hydrangeas (don't know why this is!). Hope you have a lovely week and find lots of interesting treasures. Leigh


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