Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday Favourite ~ Long Lazy Queensland Summers

You might have noticed that posting has been a little light the last couple of weeks. I guess without noticing it, we have gotten into the rhythm of Summer in Queensland. It was probably those light, tingerly, breezes that start just after the Jacarandas bloom. Those breezes that make you feel like it is Christmas already. I wonder if that feeling only comes from being in Queensland as a child, for many Summers or just last year.

I like to fully get in to the spirit of a languid summer, but it can get hard with 3 kids and a full time business. But I will try to be as lazy as befits a Queensland summer as I can. So I will be doing only a couple more weeks of ebay auctions till sometime in January, keeping a lazy eye on my spaces at the centres and postings will probably only be now and then.

Of course you never know what can happen, what you might find or as the last picture shows what a Queensland summer can bring.


  1. Oh and this heat Katherine....this heat! I am feeling summer too.

  2. dear katherine...
    I am well & truly into the HEAT of melbourne's summer!!
    the hottest start to november on record...
    39 degrees today...(and i did tennis in it..ankle has come good)..

    I expect we may have another 47 degree day sooner rather than later...
    PHEW!! i am sweltering..

    Love the photos of the kangaroos on the beach..
    xx andrea

  3. Hi Katherine, what great photos.
    I must admit I am looking forward to getting back home to NZ for a few weeks for some cooler weather. I can't handle this heat! Actually when we spent 2 years in Wagga Wagga it wasn't unusual to hit 40 but it was a dry heat so not sticky.
    Enjoy your winding down.

  4. Fabulous images that just sing 'summer holidays'.

    Was just cruising your ebay shop, am off on a search of old wooden rulers to include in a christmas gift. Office works rulers just aren't cute enough, got any suggestions.

  5. Definitely sounds like a plan Stan!! Go for it, and enjoy.

  6. Great pictures! I love summer up here if you're near the beach or have a great deck that catches the breeze.

    Enjoy relaxing!!


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