Sunday, November 14, 2010

Around theoldboathouse today SEEing RED

Check out the size of these strawberries. No that's not a tea spoon its a dessert spoon. They are huge and so juicy and sweet and not at all tart. YUM! They have me seeing RED about the place today.

One of my favourite treasures you can read more about here
What is a boathouse without a life ring............ big one and lots of
little ones.

Part of my raggy doll people....they live on the wall in my toilet and always surprise visitors. Hope you are having a lovely day...lots of new things on the agenda this coming week that I am excited to start showing you tomorrow.


  1. Yum ,they are HUGE Katherine. I want to reach in and grab one!

  2. Those strawberries look scrumptious! Your toilet raggy doll people make me smile. What a cool and novel idea; and definitely unexpected. x

  3. Yum!! Mine are quite a while off but I will need to protect them from the birds asap!

  4. Small world Katherine. I'm very good friends with the person who makes the raggy bear with the flower petal eyes.

    I love the story of the little red chair and table too. Very precious. xx

  5. Love the life saver rings. That story is just really lovely.

    Pam x

  6. yum...those srawberries look so real :-)

  7. I have to wait until July for my strawberries, lucky you! Your things look so nice.

  8. I bought some the other day too - enormous! Yummy. Cute little chairs.

  9. Love that second life ring! It's perfect for my nautical collection.


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