Sunday, November 7, 2010

Just In and some of what's off to the WAC today...

Aren't these just amazing? Old Balinese Roof Tiles for a Pagoda.
Superb details

and a fair amount that would make quite a feature etc.

More glassware that is off to the WAC, Woolloongabba Antique Centre.
I love the colour and shape of this one.

But this one is quite a statement piece.

Stunning details and perfect condition.
I was cleaning up this 1960's lamp stand and wondered why I was so drawn to the shade.

I am not normally a big pink or purple girl...was it the stunning interior?

Lovely but no it was.....
the pattern! It is the same pattern in different tones as a vintage fabric canvas I recently added to my hallway wall. Isn't that a funny coincidence?

I have also been playing with my little cars again. They are always popular and since I have added my cabinet to my WAC space I have been able to add them to the range of goodies we offer for sale at the WAC. To contact please email


  1. Golly, those Balinese roof tiles are eye-poppingly fabulous!

  2. Katherine those roof tiles are fab.. and I love that lamp base and shade.. been looking for a shade exactly that shape..although I have plans for a different fabric.... How funny the shade is the same fabric as you have already used!!

    Have a great Sunday.. ciao xxx Julie

  3. I really like the shape of that lampshade and of course the funky fabric. Your wall hanging is very cool, Katherine. xx

  4. I too love the shape of that lampshade... you always find the coolest things! I'm so happy that your friend liked her gifts too. x

  5. That is an interesting coincidence re: the fabrics. I love the little old cars; I used to dig them up in my last houses garden and they always made me wonder when/whom the little kids were that had played there once upon a time. Groovy pink vase.x

  6. Love those pagoda roof tiles...wishing I had a use for them! Have a lovely week! Tracey xx

  7. Oh Katherine... That pink piece of glassware is insane!! What actually is it? How amazing is it's base? Kind of like a seahorse tail? I also adore the 1960's lamp, that fabric is amazing as it's original. So well made too. And the cars, oh the cars.... How much do you generally sell these for??? Those roof tiles too are incredible. What fabulous shapes. I so want your job. You guys have such a great eye. Pruxxx

  8. Hey Pru, The little cars are always quite cheap and range in price from $5 to about $15 generally unless they are something really special and they may be a bit more,cheers Katherine PS love that new pic!

  9. Thanks Katherine, I love the collection. I'm still in love with my dolls by the way!! My mum loved them too. Pxxx P.S. Thanks re the photo... Hmm age is creeping up on me. Px


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