Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hidden suitcase finds and Big doll, little doll.

Sometimes when we purchase a whole lot of things from an estate there isn't always time to go through everything and it is not until we get home that we get to see all that we have bought. Often it is a mixed bag, it can be a let down or a pleasant surprise. But it is always fun to see what people pack up and store away. This week an old suitcase held some treasures. Who knows when they all were put in the case or why.

There was a nice old carnival glass bowl.

A set of red anodised double bed lights...these are the kind that clip to the bed head.

A very stylish shell lamp...note the nice detail that someone has worked to the edge of the shell. There was also some old plates and a bowl made out of shells.

I also wanted to show you these dolls. They came from two different houses, but both were made for the New Zealand souvenir market.
Isn't she a cutie? Both of these are off to the WAC, Woolloongabba Antique Centre, along with the lamps and suitcase. To contact please email boathome@bigpond.net.au
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  1. What great finds - sounds like your job is Christmas everyday. Hope you are having a great week. Michelle

  2. Wow, great find Katherine. Love the bed lamp, I was only talking to hubby the other day and said that we needed some. The clip on book light that I got for xmas is pretty bad. Have a good week, Tamara

  3. This suitcase had such an odd mix of things. Don't you wonder what the connection was between the objects to make someone store them in the one case...

  4. Such awesome finds! I am living in the wrong country and need to be down under to get some of these fabulous treasures.

  5. They're fantastic, it must be like Christmas every day opening up finds like that!

  6. Bit like Christmas every day when opening surprise packages like that, never know what you might find and your latest collections are fabulous finds.


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