Saturday, November 6, 2010

More treasures for Inside and Out.

Kristen beside this wonderful old gate we got, so as to give an idea of the gates size. You can tell Kristen is thinking, "hurry up and take the picture so I can have a rest." But no rest for long after coming home with another load this morning he is off again. Meanwhile I am here trying not to drown under all the gear that has to be "processed"...

Matching pairs of windows with lovely green glass centres. I think from memory there were 9 pairs. It is harder to get this many all in good condition with no breaks etc.

Art deco inlaid tables always lovely.

We dragged this lot out from under the house, they were half in the mud.

I really like this chairs natural colour but have also seen them recently painted bright colours which I also love and this one would look great a bright green or orange I think.
Lead light cabinet.

Old washstand I love the baby blue colour.

Long pews or bench seats. These are so strong and sturdy, lovely thick pine. Sorry about this one being upside down but we are getting a bit chockers.

I am always drawn to old milk bottle carrys. These ones would have been the milk mans as they hold so many. They look fun with old bottles in as flower vases or candles in on a verandah or garden setting.

Old bird cage. Bird cages are so in at the moment. This one has a nice industrial feel to it I thought. I hope you all have a good weekend. Another glorious day here in Brisbane. I am off to organise my driveway before my ebayers arrive this arvo.


  1. Oh Katherine, more incredible finds. I absolutely adore the washstand and apart from cleaning her up a bit I wouldn't change a thing. I adore the colour.... I can so imagine that chair painted yellow... Pruxxx
    From Anna Spiro's blog:

  2. Hi Katherine, gorgeous gate! I love old gates, they are hard to find down here, and when you do they are pretty exe, have a good one, Tamara

  3. Fabulous stuff! Wouldn't it be great if you could team up with an interior designer, just for one shoot, and 'do' a room of all this stuff ... paint that chair orange and clean the bottles and put them in the milk trays ... or fill the leadlight cabinet with them ... just to show, dramatically, how wonderful everything is?! It'd be fun!

  4. Looks like downstairs is filling up yet again! The leadlight cabinet and milk bottle holders are my favourites.

    You will get though it all Katherine, then the next lot will come! Hope you have a break over Christmas! x

  5. Hi another lot of awesome vintage finds...

    one wonders when it will "dry up" so to speak..??~~

    xx andrea

  6. HI Katherine
    With every post I get closer and closer to moving to sunny QLD.. haha
    I used to have a few of those coke bottles and must have eventually chucked them!! naughty me.. I think i got one from Fiji.. many many years ago..

    Love that blue washstand and the cane chair... I'd go turquoise!!!

    Have a lovely weekend .. ciao xxxx Julie

  7. Great Milk Bottle carriers!! So cute!!JUst a shame you are up there and I'm down here as you find some fabulous stuff :)

  8. Katherine, OK you always find fabulous things, I especially love those end tables from the grouping that you've shown, but I want to know if you keep gloves on hand? Because I don't know if I could be messing around with those soda bottles.

  9. Katherine, so much stuff. Love that gate. I wish those windows matched the profile to our windows because I'd snap them up in a second. xx

  10. Hi Katherine, I love it all but especially the gate. I could just see that at the entrance to my home. Hope your well and having a good weekend. Sandy xx

  11. Oh my goodness. Earlier in the week it was the French swing door now it's the wash stand, the gate and ....


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