Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Some more of my items up for auction this week on ebay

To see all my ebay auctions for this week please click here or you can email me at boathome@bigpond.net.au .


  1. How cute is that rusty old bike?! Oh, and I can just see that fold out table painted white. Great auction finds for this week Katherine. Michelle.

  2. Riding along on my pushbike honey .. when I noticed you!

    Hey Katherine!!
    Yes I should move to Brissie.. then I could take advantage of all your goodies.. Hey.. the neighbours have all their flipping relos over now and screaming and shouting!!! arrrrghhhh... This goes on all the time. I like your idea of stabbing in the head!! hahahahahahahaha [your other readers must think this is all nuts!! hehe] Oh and goodluck with the guessing game,.. you never know if you never go!!

    Ciao bella!!! xxx Julie

  3. I'm loving the two benches Katherine. I hope they go to a good home! I also love the drop down table and I too can imagine it white!! Pruxxx


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