Saturday, February 19, 2011

Will I ever see my dining table again? Estate Finds

I was feeling really good yesterday because I had managed to almost clear my dining room table of treasures after I had restocked the Garden Centre and the WAC during the week. I kind of knew that it wouldn't last long and sure enough this morning it is choc a block again.

 An assortment of Ginger Jars.
                  Australian Pottery.
                            Cute little Teapot...made in Norway.

     Can you see the German vase in the middle? It is blue so won't be staying with me. I really like the orange Italian vase that is a similar age to the German vase next to it.
             Tall bottles from the 1960's
                        Studio Anna plate and vase
                         Super groovy radio
            A pack of Foo Dogs (Fu, Lion's Dogs). I used to think these were really ugly but now I think they are sort of ugly/beautiful.
         I love the sickly yellow of this pair and hope they can stay with me somewhere...(I so need a bigger house)
        We also got a whole lot of vintage look Doll's furniture.

               I LOVE the little chaise........
                               It is really made very well and has lovely details.

             the green one at the back
                        and this orange basket.
                         Look out who is this approaching the table?
                 Nan likes to inspect our finds...and sometimes finds a few treasures to take home to her house.
She has found this little guy...but look at that left hand reaching....

                            What is this she has found ? A lovely jardinere in "Nan's" colours. Greens and purpley blues.
A happy dining room customer  ..ha. Nan likes to trade excellent cleaning, not to mention yummy biscuits for occasional  treasures. A more than fair trade in our books! To contact us about anything on the blog please email,  


  1. I LOVE those fu dogs and the ginger jars! What a great collection of goodies! Where will you be selling them...??

    Best wishes,

  2. Where are they all going?

    The Italian orange vase especially?

    That Annemarie Figgjo tea pot is a CRACKER! That'll be snapped up ... did you find any more Annemarie stuff?

    So excited!

  3. PS Nan! What a crack up. Isn't she just lovely?

  4. Is Nan for sale? I have been out fossicking for a Nan for such a long time sigh ;]



  5. Wow you find some great things.That yellow radio (I used to have one) is in one of my antique books for a decent price.

  6. OMG I love the ginger jars. If only I could fit on that beautiful chaise lounge!!! Look like Nan is having a great time dining-table shopping :)

  7. What a tonne of goodies! Looks like you and Nan have a good thing going :)

  8. No wonder we haven't seen you for a couple of have been so busy! I love the tall 60's bottles...I can never resist opening them to see if a genie comes out ..ha!ha! can you tell I have been watching too many'I Dream of Jeannie' re-runs?
    See you soon
    x Tracey

  9. Hello Old Boat House! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment on my blog. I just spent the last 20 minutes or so perusing old posts, and my, you have some wonderful things! I wouldn't know what to do with myself if I had all those objects to pick from! And so pleased to see that you are in Brisbane! I lived in Brisbane once myself when I was 19 -- went to the University of Queensland.

  10. I'm away for a week and look what I missed, wow you guys did so well, great finds.

  11. Um those blue/white ginger jars....where are they going???
    Such a colourful array Katherine.
    Just out of curiosity, where do you guys eat your dinner? ;o)

  12. Well you mentioned you had a bountiful but gee, you really do, Katherine. Lovely things. Do I really need anymore art glass? Do I?

  13. FAAAAAAAB-yoooo-LUST!!!
    What a haul.
    Good thing I'm down here or more damage to my purse!
    You guys find the best stuff :)
    Go Nan!!

  14. That green chaise is the chaise of my DREAMS.
    And your Nan looks so lovely. And BTW, seeing your dining room table is over-rated.

  15. I knew MMMC would spot that teapot! I love the dolls furniture as I have a dollhouse. That first sofa especially.

  16. Hi everyone, thanks for your lovely comments. Natasha, the dogs will be off to the garden centre. Mmmc, that was the only piece we got, and I instantly thought of you when we did ha, Kimmie, Nan is our biggest treasure and although we sometimes loan her out she is a keeper. Ange, the Ginger jars are off to the garden centre and thank goodness we have a kitchen table size coffee table ha. Nan has already cleaned the jars and they look great. Brismod, you can never have too much ha.

  17. Your table looks a lot like Anna Bartlett's and that tea pot screams MMMC. Why don't you do blue West German pottery?

  18. Hey Annie, I try to limit my German vases to reds, ornages and browns....although I do have a green one that has snuck in. This is only because otherwise my family would be drowning in them ha.

  19. MMMC I just realised I forgot to say the orange vase, will be off to the WAC.

    But don't forget everyone I am always happy to sell to you direct before they head off anywhere so if you are interested email me and I can let you know more info like size and price and if you are far away a mail quote. If you are a local you can pick them up in my pick up times on Thursday evening and Saturday arvo.

  20. Hi Katherine - so much beautiful stuff!! I love it all (especially Nan!) I popped over to the Garden Centre last week - but I can feel another visit coming on...karen

  21. The Vintique Object Kristen and I both went to UQ ................sadly many years ago

  22. I do love those dogs Katherine...I will try and get to the garden centre asap!


  23. Excuse my ignorance, but what does one do with a ginger jar? Surely you don't just put ginger in it ... do you? I thought they looked like little urns ...

  24. Hi Littlemissairgap, It is my understanding that ginger was once sold in jars of this shape that came from China in the 1800 and early 1900's. The shape must have struck a cord as, you see English pottery companies such as Maling and Shelley etc many years ago making many different coloured 'ginger jars' in the shape of those I pictured, though often larger than those on my dining table. None of the Shelley or Maling ginger jars were meant for Ginger I would think but just for show much like the more modern ones on my dining table pictured above.

  25. What an amazing haul. This is one of the rare times that I'm glad I'm not close to wallet couldn't cope!

  26. love those nan's choices too! good taste all round.


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