Friday, February 11, 2011

Dont forget to enter my Murano vase give away before Sunday

 This sweet little Italian Murano glass vase is only about 12 cm high and is such a gentle shade of purple. You have until Sunday to leave a comment on any of my posts from this week to be in the draw.

 I am happy to send  world wide and if you are a follower you of course will get an extra entry.
Surprisingly it still has its orginal little sticker label. Hope you have a lovely day.


  1. I have my fingers crossed, Katherine!

  2. Actually, I have my fingers crossed for Brismod too!

    Sometimes I get blinded by European beauty and forget the practicalities of storage and minimalism.

  3. Please add my name inA!!!! That is such a pretty purple!!! hugs

  4. I love glass and this little piece is gorgeous.

  5. Gorgeous! Love the colour! Murano glass is such a delight....artistic glam meets retro kitsch! (And did I happen to mention that it would look fantastic in my currently dull living room!??)

  6. Katherine how are you? Of course I've got to leave a comment for this one! lol

    Hope you're well - you're displays at WAC and GN are fabulous girl!

    Karen :-) x

  7. My fingers crossed too. I can't believe it still has that sticker on it... I can imagine it was kept in a special display cabinet... Pxxx

  8. Hi Dear Katherine
    Still curious about what is in the background.. [first shot]

    Thanks for you funny comment.. you always make me laugh... Drew huh? ciao xxx Julie


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