Thursday, February 10, 2011

14 Chairs & 1 Door

  I just listed a few more items on ebay last night. Some great old chairs to restore and an orginal old Queenslander Front door.

To see all my ebay auctions for this week please click here or you can email me at


  1. You know the next cameo set that comes your way has my little name on it. Continually stalking.... A-M xx

  2. I love the chairs you have pictured first, but everything is beautiful. You always find geat stuff. If the shipping was not so expensive....

  3. that door is just beautiful Katherine, hope it goes to a good home! sorry I missed you yesterday...perhaps next time when you find me a Black Lady Lamp!

  4. That door is gorgeous! I bet it will be snapped up by a diy-er!

  5. Chairs are so "in" at the moment don't you think Katherine.


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