Monday, February 21, 2011

Great old 1890's door plus..... Fler De Lis

                               We found this great old door on the weekend it still has its large cast iron knocker,
                                                                        cast iron handle
                                                                         and amazing cast iron key.
                                                     (Imagine carting this key around everyday)
                                                                         and big old lock.

Normally I would not detail a door like this on the blog except as a single picture in a post about some of the items I list on ebay each week. But I just thought it deserved a few pictures, as it is like stepping back through time with all its original features especially its big old key.
It also got me to thinking that we only show some of the items we find each week on the blog. So if you are after certain items for your home, for instance, old locks or handles, I have big old trunks full of them. Or if you are putting together a collection of anything antique, vintage or retro, send me an email about it and while I may not have that item at any one time, I am happy to keep an eye out and email you when, or if, I come across an example. Often items never find their way onto ebay or to my retail outlets, at the WAC or the Cottage Garden Centre, as I am able to sell them directly to different collectors I have got to know over the years. 
So please email me if you  are after anything that you have not seen on the blog
As they say in one of Kristen's favourite movies, LA Confidential, "Fler de lis, Whatever you desire........."
Update Door  SOLD to a blog reader 5 hours after posted.


  1. What a wonderful old door! Wow, sounds like you have a lot of goodies stashed away - maybe you should hold a private viewing for your collectors and .... say a few of your blog followers??!! Just trying to help you get rid of a bit of stuff to make way for some more!!
    Hope you have a happy Monday. Michelle

  2. Great door! I've never seen anything like that.

  3. We have a front door like that but not with an original knocker unfortunately. We do though have an internal door on the bathroom with one of those huge locks & keys (still working too ...yay!). I've often thought about emailing you about individual items you sometimes show on your dining table but didn't want to clog you with too many emails. I'll know to ask next time :-)

  4. What a perfect colour too!

    Rhiannan xxx

  5. Hi Littlemissairgap, yes you should email me if you are interested in anything as I have already sold a few items from my last post to people who look at my blog. Speaking of my last post I posted a comment on your question about ginger jars that you might be interested in though I did go on a bit.

  6. Yes - what a fabulous door - and i have just the spot for it!! thanks katherine - you have done it again - sourced the perfect treasure. We can't wait to put the door in its new home. so pleased you blogged about it - so pleased I spent lunch at my desk! Thanks again. karen

  7. What a fantastic door Katherine, no wonder it was snapped up!!! ;-)

  8. That is a gorgeous door - glad it has found a new home...and with a cast iron key? Magic.

    Pam x

  9. Hi Katherine, that is one gorgeous door! No wonder it sold within 5 hours.

    I am very happy that I asked about the needle case which you had earlier posted, which is now in the company of my mum. She loves it :)

    Tamara x

  10. Quick sale, good on you. I have sent through a email about old jelley moulds that I am after.


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