Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Mid week treasures...I'm falling in LOVE again.

 I have always loved these metal butterflies and you used to see them quite a lot on the fronts of houses from the 1960's. They have always been hard to get though, people not surprisingly don't like to part with them.
 So when Kristen came home with this chap I knew he would have to stick around for a while. I have temporarily popped him on on my crab pot on my bathroom wall.
 I think he looks quite cute but the men in my house may think otherwise so I may have to find another spot. I have shown you before my attachment for things I call odd art
I also wanted to show you this cute paper bin. Can you see what it is made from?
Yes it is made from a Venetian blind in great 50's colours. People are so clever aren't they?
I took this one over to the WAC today and he didn't last long and has gone to live with a lovely lady called Amanda who was visiting from the Gold Coast today.
I also am in LOVE with this cast iron money box pig. He is just so cute. Look at those ears and that snout.
He is not old but he has something don't you think? He will be off to The Cottage Garden Nursery.
Also our State is once again under seige from Mother Nature as Cyclone Yasi starts to hit our far North Coast. We will be thinking of everyone up North and hope they are all safe. I loved this photo above.


  1. Fab things!

    That paper bin is clever ... I can see why it was scooped up! Good on Amanda!

    North Queenslanders will give this Cyclone as good as they get, I suspect. They're pretty tough and resolute.

  2. Great scores Katherine! I too love the butterfly, pah! to the men, hey? If you can make it to our opening you'll see our enormous version of your pig out on the front balcony.

  3. I still dont know how you can sell such treasures I really need some lessons lol Loved that bin and the butterfly.I remember seeing them everywhere once.

  4. Hi Katherine,
    I love your bathroom - the tiles are amazing, along with the pedestal basin and so many knick knacks.
    Unique and cool bin, I'm a fan of upcycling.
    Love that sign!! Let's hope everyone stays safe. Anxious times (again!)

  5. The butterfly is so pretty and looks lovely in your bathroom. It is quite frightening what is happening with Yasi, I am praying for all of the people that are affected by this latest disaster. xx

  6. A pretty ingenious paper bin! I love your bathroom Katherine, very stylish!
    Pam x

  7. Katherine, It seems like we are very similar! Loving your butterfly. I hope it is keeper.

  8. I never knew those butterflies on the fronts of houses were so pretty? I've only ever really seen them painted over, usually in the colour of the house. I have a couple of butterfly lovers at this house if you ever want to part with it ... :-)

  9. I adore the butterfly. I've been looking on and off for one of those over the years. It started about eight years ago when I saw one in a house in Taree (before you could by-pass the town) and it brought back some wonderful memories. I said to Tim that the following year I'd knock on the door and make an offer for it... Then of course, when we swung by, the house had gone (an ugly McMansion had taken it's place). Please, if you see another I'd love it. I think it would look awesome on our little beach fibro. Hope you are well. I've been quiet lately. Trying to get my blogging groove back. Boys back at school this week so no excuse. Pruxxx

  10. I hope your butterfly gets to stay where it is for a while it looks lovely.Have only seen the "wanderer" colour butterfly before,it's a keeper!

  11. Hi Katherine, thanks for your comments, what exactly do you mean by reblog?

  12. Hi Katherine, yes I am still here!! I'm just loving the look of your bathroom actually, oh and that venetian blind bin!


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