Sunday, April 11, 2010

Rescued today from a skip a clock and scales

Kristen went to a house today where on the top of a skip in the yard were these scales and clock.

2 thoughts.

1: Its amazing that the china plate from the old scales was not broken, when it was thrown in the skip.
2: Your hopes are VERY high that when people are throwing out this sort of stuff , that there will be some treasures inside the house.

Fortunately for us there were and we will be listing (all going well) 100's of items from the old home in the next couple of weeks unless we can flick it all on straight away.
If we do list it all on ebay there could be plenty of bargins as I have decided that I am not going to mail any of it. As I do not fancy packing up 100's of items in the next 14 days. So only folks who can pick up the items up will be able to bid, which will cut down the competition.


  1. You're kidding right Katherine?! Not on top of the skip, surely?! I will be checking out your ebay listings but still can't get myself onto that motorway up to Brissy:-/

  2. Yay! I love seeing what you guys find.

  3. Best skip diving yet!!! Oh my goodness, i would have crawled over broken glass in that skip for that set of scales wow! Arck on local pick up :0( You live too far away girl!
    alicia :0))

  4. OK...what is a "skip"?

    Love the clock!!!
    Jane (artfully graced)

  5. Glad you rescued them! Please list, oh please! Lisa.

  6. omg! It's amazing what people will toss!! I'm off to your listings now!! :)

  7. That clock is FAB, I am off to your Ebay listings...again! Thanks for dropping in to see me...I never seem to catch you anymore. Hope you had a great Easter my love. xx

  8. Hi Everyone, I have added a photo of the skip today we have been crawling around in haha. I took it when I was helping Kristen move some furniture at the old home. Luckily we found more of the old scales...buried deep, yuk, so I have changed the picture to show them complete. cheers Katherine

  9. So we'll be headed back to your place for what is becoming a regular weekend visit. Can't wait to see what is coming up :)

  10. Just thought I would drop by and thank you for being my first commenter. There is a story behind my blog name that is too long to tell here. Also I, like Pam,am amazed at what some people will just throw away.

  11. Hi Katherine....I JUST ADORE those scales..

    awesome skip finds...

    I am just soo looking forward to having my next trip up your way & stopping by your store..

    too many goodies to comprehend!

    xx andrea...

  12. G'Day~So sad to see what people throw in our landfills.So happy you rescued them! Awesome finds, how exciting.I will check back to see what you found.~Cheers Kim

  13. Goodness! To think people just toss out such things!
    Guess the saying "one mans trash is anothers treasure" Holds much truth.

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