Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday Favourite ~ 21st Century Perks

Ok so it is well established that I love all things they old books, old movies, old songs, old people, particularly old people selling stuff haha.
From an early age my overly romantic self therefore leaped to the conclusion that I must truly belong to another time. The time varied depending on what stage I was at. For example when I fell in love with musicals and inparticular Fred Astaire, when I was 9, I felt I must be from the 1930's.

When I fell in love with Mr Rochester and then shortly after Heathcliff, when I was 12, I must belong to the 19th Century

and so on.....until this week that is.
This week has confirmed that although my heart is in the past my head is in the present. You see last Thursday my drier died! It has then proceeded to rain off an on for a week. My life became a constant battle to get the ****ing clothes dry!!!!
There were constant cries of "Mum I don't have any socks.....followed by "Mum where are all the towels?" For some stupid reason known to no one I became quite stubborn about getting a new drier. This became personal... a battle against me and the and the bloody tree that drops crap over half my clothes line (another story) and time! Surely I am a vintage girl...I can cope without a little thing like not having a drier... NO it seems I can't.

My name is Katherine and I am a modern girl....I love my drier, my T.V., my internet, my fan in summer and my heater in winter. I love my mobile, my microwave, my husbands GPS and I love that I live now and not early last century or any other century because really, although I know I wouldn't have known any better, and I am stating the obvious, but life for a mother would have quite frankly sucked!

Yes got the new drier yesterday...I keep going and checking on it like its a new child. My youngest son made some snarky comment about my carbon footprint...I think I said something equally snarky back that surely the amount of stuff I have saved from land fill must give me some credit with the Environment Gods !!


  1. Yes, lots of brownie points with eco-God, Katherine. I grew up on b&w movies too but I was a Gene Kelly girl!

  2. Too funny, I can so relate to this post. My drier died about a month ago too and living up here on the mountain, line drying times are not very often this time of year. So i too have a new white shiney drier in the laundry PLUS super hubby fixed the old ones with parts off another he found on the side of the road. So now I have an inside AND an outside drier. Not thinking about carbon footprint currently! Plus good comment about the eco-god I am going to use that one lol!!

  3. I'm with you! I couldn't cope without my drier and all the other modern privileges we have. I would be especially lost without my air-con in summer!

    Best wishes for a fabulous weekend,

  4. Oh Katherine
    Hello beautiful Ginger... [sorry Fred did nothing for me.. Gene Kelly here also]

    Wonderful post!!! I know exactly how you feel... growing up I wished I had belonged to my mother's era... then a few weeks back when my microwave died.. I remember my mother never even saw a microwave...

    ooops.... how funny ... my batteries just died on my keyboard mid comment... I am definitely a 21st century perk girl with live in the past romance of the 30's... will send the rest of this comment via snail mail.. haha

    Have a great weekend.. xxx Julie

  5. Yes, what is with all this rain??? And..( yes I know you shouldn't start a sentence with 'and' but I did..) And what happens to the many kazillion pairs of socks do you have to buy to make sure three children have a pair of socks each for two days in a row...the day after you have done washing...where the heck are they??
    Also I do believe that my life must have a sound track as I would sing along to musicals and then try and sing along about my every day things to write my own musical when I was younger....sadly that never paid off...hehe
    Great post...have a lovely weekend..
    Kiss Noises Linda

  6. Hi Katherine
    You know I had this big long post about going to Gallipoli myself and watching that movie the night before .. all the grave stones said just that.. 17yrs of age... so sad... my brothers just missed out on Vietnam conscription.. thank god.. [anyone big comment unrelated to your post.. sorry]


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