Monday, April 5, 2010

Before and after old radio & bike

A lot of the old items we sell need a little TLC or people would rather keep the items as we find them with all the charm of use and time left untouched.
So it is really interesting when people show us the results of their labour when they decide to restore a piece. I had featured the empire state radio in an earlier blog post. You can find it here Its transformation is amazing. I thought its only value would be in its rare bakelite case with its metal internal parts beyond hope but as you can see from the pictures above the rescue job was incredible.
When people collect their purchases from our house I often think they look at the pile of old bikes lined up against the fence and think what a bunch of rusty old junk. As you can see from the picture above once they have been fixed up not only do they look great with their old retro shape, they are also good for the environment from both a recycling and pedal power point of view.
Special thanks to William and Graham for sending me the pictures.


  1. Yep, totally fantastic. Thanks for showing this Katherine!

  2. That is very fun to see how things are transformed.


  3. The radio had a serious and well done makeover.

  4. Hi Katherine
    Love the radio... just popped over to say Happy Easter... wishing to the best to you and your family.. xx Julie

  5. omg how fantastic is that radio. SO worth bringing back to its former glory. I have my old favourite 1950's one that I listen to every day (damn you digital!) but I would kill for one of those empire ones. Amazing!


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