Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Listed on Ebay ~ Furniture treasures...I wish I had a bigger house!!

Last night we listed on ebay some of the furniture we got from the same old home as the clock and scales posted below.
I admit some of the items are right up my line and if I had a bigger home they would not be on offer. The silky oak table with the marble top is so simple and beautiful. I just fell in love as soon as I saw it and the large cedar couch although in only fair condition and in need of some serious love, really caught my heart with its beautiful carvings, chunky legs and elegant stance.
The old lady whose home it came from was a real Katherine Hepburn type. In her early 90's, she remarked to Kristen that she felt she just really wouldn't have the time to restore the couch, but had a look in her eye that made you think she still thought it was perfectly reasonable that she still could. I hope I still have such flair if I ever get to her age.
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  1. How funny! Jason's 80 something year old grandma just bought a new car - so optimistic! But your poor aching back - a few heavy pieces in this lot...

  2. Lets hope we ll live to our 90's and surround ourselves with beauties like these.

  3. Hi Katherine...beautiful pieces..

    what a wonderful "old" lady with her vintage pieces...

    xx andrea

  4. I have got to get myself a trailer and the guts to get on that motorway to Brisbane! LOVE that old couch!!!

  5. I think I say this everytime I vist but I wish I lived closer so I could buy all of your fabulous finds! xx

  6. OMG OMG quick get a bigger house!!! How you can part with those I dont know. That marble top table ~ divine ~ and that couch restore restore!! yes I think you and I both will be thinking of restoring furniture even at 101 ;0)

  7. Dear Katherine
    Here's to us all having that flair at 90!!! Boy it is a good thing I don't live close to you.. i'd be buying every thing you find... although.. we could burst into show tunes and watch classic movies together.. hahaha

    I just LOVED what you wrote... so funny,... so ME actually!!! I think we may be sisters from another mother!!! although it is my mother I get that love of song, dance and movies from!! Thank you so much for your kind words and have a great week... xxx Julie

  8. They are all just wonderful Katherine! Real finds indeed! Are you sure you couldn't find a teeny corner in your house to squeeze that gorgeous table into?? Think very hard! lol.
    Thanks so much for those lovely things you left in your comment the other day. Always lovely to hear these things. :)

  9. Hey Katherine
    The purple moon sounds fascinating.. but the moon is only 2% full at the moment.. just a slither.. so I wonder if we will see anything.. overcast here also... well.. we'll just have to watch out for it anyway.... you are so sweet to think of me!!!! thanks my dear.. xx Julie


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