Saturday, April 3, 2010

3 old Blue & white + 1 old green & white jug

Kristen went to a old local home today and they had four old milk jugs. Very unusual to find so many in the one old house.
PS have not been posting this week with slowing down for school holidays and we have all had colds. Hopefully will be a bit more prolific next week.


  1. Wow! So many in the one house. They are pretty cool though. Hope you all feel better soon Katherine.

  2. Nice jugs! Love the blue. Get well soon, Have a Happy Easter :)

  3. I hope that you get a chance to relax and recover from your colds this Easter weekend.

    Happy Easter!

    Best wishes,

  4. What nice jugs! Hope everyone is feeling better soon!

  5. Must be the changing seasons (or too much chocolate!?) Hope you're all better soon.
    Love the jugs.

  6. How cute are those, didnt want to say nice jugs as it might not sound right lol ?! Yes I have a cold too so I know how you are feeling waaah :0(

  7. Hi Katherine
    Well hope you all feel better soon and have a wonderful Easter.. those milk jugs are adorable.. xx Julie

  8. Sorry to hear you are under the weather, sending get well wishes your way!


  9. Loving that green and white jug! Happy Easter! Tracey xx

  10. Love the jugs...especially the green!

    I have a guest arriving from Brisbane this week...a friend of my son. They've been chatting online for several years (my son runs the message boards for several bands...that's how they met). I am always amazed how small our world really is, now that we have the internet.

    Hope you and your family are feeling better. Have a wonderful EASTER.
    Jane (artfully graced)

  11. The old milk jugs are wonderful ... I love the green! Just wanted to let you know that I have linked you on my new blog:
    I bought a chair from you a couple of months ago and am reviving it as my Easter project. Thought you may like to know where your furniture ends up. I will do a post on the newly refurbished chair on Tuesday. Hope you are feeling better soon ... we have the same cold at our house too.

  12. I am loving the blue and white striped jugs...just gorgeous!!

  13. PS Hope you're all feeling much better by now :)


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