Saturday, March 13, 2010

Some pictures of my spot at the WAC + don't forget to enter theoldboathouse giveaway

Some of the pictures from yesterday of my spot at the WAC. Wellington Rd Woolloongabba. I spent the afternoon having a big rearrange and restock.
Don't forget to comment on any post on the blog to go into the draw for the first oldboathouse giveaway... you have till next Wednesday. You can see the vintage tabeclothes by clicking here


  1. What a wonderful lot of treasures Katherine, something for everyone.

  2. That's a lot of stuff! I like the old oil bottle with the spout.

  3. Hey Katherine
    those radios are singing.. Julie Julie Julie do you want me?????? hahaha

  4. Great collection of treasures on show there. Suitcases like those are getting hard to find these days.

  5. I was going to come in and raid your shop but then I discovered what was hiding in my garage. LOL. A Barney car for my birthday so I'm told! I think our antiquing budget is used up for the month. Oh well maybe in a couple of weeks unless Kelvin buys something else from you and blows the budget again :)


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