Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday Favourite ~ New addition to my Ruin

A while ago I started to create a ruin in my garden under an old Jacaranda. The idea is it pays homage to old Greek ruins etc. I have used old architectural features such as bits of broken marble, old columns, sandstone carvings and some of my favourite "heads" to give it that Greek look. The head on the right is a new addition. I would like to have more ground covers growing over the bits of marble etc but with water restrictions I haven't had as much success, even my seaside daisys gave up. We have had some great rain lately but alas I have not had the time to plant a few more and the Jacaranda sucks up a lot of water.
It is not everyone's thing...My youngest son, said to me recently " What's going on with all that Mum?" lol. Another comment I get, after I try and explain to a new comer to my garden what it is, is " Oh I new it must have been something arty"...code for... "you are a crazy person". But I love my heads, the big one came from my late mother in law's garden and is very special to me. I wasn't into garden ornaments etc until I met her and saw her garden, perhaps my ruin is my little homage to her I know she would have loved it.....


  1. Your ruin is fantastic, what a great idea. I love it!! I'd love to start one, I will just need to convince hubby! xx

  2. Old cement statues are too cool aren't they.

  3. I think it is quite unique and isn't that what design is all about, uniqueness and our own personal touch:)


  4. I love a good ruin! Why travel to Greece when you can just go in your backyard? You're a hoot Katherine. I think it is a pretty good feature.

  5. I love this idea! Covered with something beautiful like sea daisy this area would look fabulous. Leigh


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