Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Child's Play...old style

We are always drawn to old childrens'toys. They make great props in your home when used creatively or of course used for their original purpose with a new generation.
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  1. Wow, I love the first car and the little red wagon! They are all amazing!
    Janette x

  2. The toys are so cute, I love the red truck. xx

  3. You find the neatest toys. I like the little car.

  4. OMG my brother had that exact same car in the first image (but in blue) back in 1969. I recognised the white emblem on the back.I have a photo of it somehwere. I don't think I have thought about that little car since then either.... happy memories... thankyou and good luck with your auctions! A-M xx

  5. I love the little red trolley. I could use that in so many places, imagine it piled up with lemons or pumpkins by the back door.......

  6. How Cute!! boy brings back lots of memories....especially the scooter..

    i think I had one exactly the same..
    & I used to have a pair of the OLD roller blades..remember those?? with 4 x wheels & steel toes & straps etc??

    OOHHH!! those were the days..

    xx andrea

  7. You have made me feel all nostalgic!

  8. totally agree about using as props, I have an old scooter in red (like your blue one) that I have propped on the verandah. i love it even though its no longer used!

  9. Love the kids toys. I am looking for toys like the car, and wagon to use as Photography Props as I am a Wedding and Portrait Photographer on the Sunshine Coast. Will you be placing any of the recent items on Ebay or selling in your store? I just missed out on the tricycle yesterday. Hope to hear from you.

  10. Dear Katherine
    Happy St Patrick's Day... Well I love all these toys.. but the scooter really brings back childhood memories... let's go out and play!!!!! xxx Julie

  11. The dolls cradle and chair are spectacular!


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