Friday, March 19, 2010

Lucky Dip at todays estate

Kristen came home today with amongst plenty of other items, 3 old tea chests packed full of-----unkown items, wrapped in old newspaper. He bought them as they say sight unseen.
It is always exciting and great fun when you bring home trunks or boxes of stuff that you have not had a chance to look through before buying. You hope they will be full of goodies but can often find yourself stuck with a lot of odd glassware and single chipped English tea cups that even the local thrift shop won't take off your hands. Fortunately while there were a few odd English tea cups, there was also some lovely pieces. A few of which I have photographed.
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  1. Love a surprise - such fun seeing what crops up in your estate finds.

  2. That must be such a buzz Katherine, Christmas all over again! Some nice pieces there too.

  3. Love the cute little cups and saucers!

    Best wishes for a happy weekend,

  4. SCORE Katherine!! Isnt that the best lucky dip, used to get box lots down here at auctions that where fabulous too but not anymore. lucky to get one good thing these days. Dont get me started lol!
    ps. your blog doesnt accept name/urls for comments and the typepad one consistantly doesnt work for some reason so thats why I'm using google id cause I just gotta have my say lol :0)

  5. I would love to do what you do! You're always finding such interesting and lovely things. Hope you have a lovely weekend. Leigh

  6. Hey Katherine
    What fun that would be... I know used to like sorting through my things in the garage... or my mum''s and grandmother's things.. this would be like that everyday.... Have a great weekend.. Love the silver and glass condiment holder!! xx Julie

  7. Well I would say you did good. I can remember my grandparents having those face mugs.


  8. Hi Katherine,
    How fun! Those english tea cups are amazing!! love them! I love thrifting esp. when you find such neat old stuff! Have a great weekend!


  9. Cute little sewing machine and lovely pitchers

  10. Ohhh a RUMMAGE! LOVE THAT! And haven't seen a tea chest in ages. You must've had a ball...

  11. What wonderful surprises to find in the boxes! Love love love that sewing machine!

  12. Katherine, its been lovely to read your comments on my 2 blogs (icedbean.blogspot & 365gratitudes.blogspot). Pls tell your Mum I will visit the Greenslopes hospital cafe and try that iced coffee! (as soon as this bloody detox is over!)

  13. Dear Katherine
    Thanks for your sweet comment .. and I know the feeling.. I just had an email informing me Ive almost used up my downloads for the month.. argggh... have fun... xx Julie


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