Friday, March 12, 2010

Some pictures of the Cottage Garden Nursery today ~ plus don't forget to enter theoldboathouse giveaway

Some of the recent items for sale at theoldboathouse within The Cottage Garden Nursery 999 Stanley St East, East Brisbane. After the rain everything is looking so lovely, new plants are arriving all the time. A reminder that the coffee shop is open 7am - 3pm, the coffee smelt so yum today.... Plants, coffee, food, flowers and antiques....such a great place. Don't forget to comment on any post on the blog to go into the draw for the first oldboathouse giveaway... you have till next Wednesday. To contact please email


  1. I'm looking forward to spring blooms too.

  2. Thank you Katherine & Kristen for bringing my attention to your boathouse site. As you know I was the winner of a wonderful passionate lady "KIM" at Ikea give away, and I am excited.

    I was happy to see the welcome over to visit your site and I see that we too have many same interest in things of old and inspiring...I will keep my eye's on your blog and will send some viewers your way.
    Stay inspired
    See you soon.

  3. Love the red Golden Circle wooden crate Katherine...have a great weekend xx

  4. I can't wait for the school holidays to come so I can come and look around. Our weekends are so full of sports, play dates and the like I can never find time to visit. See you soon!
    Best wishes,

  5. Hi Katherine
    i think I could have a lot of fun in there.. the GC crate does bring back many memories!! I'm going to zoom in on that photo in a minute and have a good look!!

    Thanks for your lovely comments!!! makes my day brighter.. xxx Julie

  6. Its a great nursery, I was really impressed with it, PLUS your stall there is fabbo and in a great spot too. Love that golden circle crate.
    ps. no I havent been to that shop you mentioned in melbourne as yet but when I do I will take some pics for you!


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