Monday, March 1, 2010

Cotton Reels and Terminators.......

You never know what you are going to come across in this game. Today it was one extreme to the other. 100's of old large wooden cotton reels ( 3rd photo shows comparison to usual size reels) and a larger than life sized terminator metal figure (measures over 2m) are just the start of some of the items we picked up today. Though not from the same house it must be noted. I actually really like this fellow and wish I had a big rambling garden. He would be fun to come across at the end of a path or around a bend, don't you think?
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  1. I love it, Katherine. Have you given him a name yet? If he were mine, I'd call him Arne or maybe Kevin. I wonder who his next owner will be...

  2. The terminator is a right crack up! THere is a man not far from me who makes this sort of sculpture from bits of scrap metal and old tools. I have a companion for him (somewhere back on my blog last october) that I discovered while runnig in the Aveyron region. I will go find the link to her once I've taken the kids to school. Will be sure to drop by your shop when I am back home in November too. Fab cotton reels!!

  3. OOOHHH!!

    I just LOVE OLD cotton reels...
    & these BIG ONES ARE AWESOME!!

    Mr Terminator is a ONE OFF great item...I am sure he will sell asap...

    wish I had room for him somewhere...

    just love the cotton spools though!!!

    xx andrea

  4. I just love those old cotton reels Katherine. Looking forward to catching up on your blog. xx

  5. Hi Katherine
    Well the Terminator is incredible.. how funny... and really quite clever.. someone's going to love him!! xx Julie


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