Thursday, October 21, 2010

What's a girl to do ? Too many Favourites from this weeks Estates

This week we have been once again inundated with some fabulous treasures...every where I look there is something that makes my heart ache...what's a girl to do? So here is some quick pictures of a few of my favourites of the little things.
Victorain Whimsy at its best....this is a tea bell, so delicate and fun.

Annoying that it is missing one of its little shell decorations...there should be three. Even more annoying that Kristen thinks it may be somewhere at the bottom of a giant skip in the front yard of the house from which it came...Yes this family were chuckers. I think though it is just part of the history of this piece and like an old wrinkled face that has beautiful imperfections it is now part of the history of this little bell.

Look at that face...such detail in something so small and delicate.

This wonderful uranium glass vase has Greek mythical chaps on the sides and is Art Deco at its loveliest. Probably made by Walther.

Victorian Toothpaste container...a stunning and large example. Negotiations are still ongoing for the keeping of this one...(Keep husband or lovely toothpaste holder ?....a difficult choice...ha ha)

Absolutely wonderful jadeite Art Deco clock...such perfect weight and proportions... when you hold and touch it...such magic.

I have decided this is what I would like to dress like....Isn't she lovely? or rather aren't I lovely ? ha ha. I used to collect these many years ago so this one is a sentimental favourite...a needle case.

And look at this sweet little belle. Made in France, so charming as the French know how to do. To contact us about any item you see on the blog please email


  1. Gosh, I think you need to go real estate shopping for a bigger home, that way there's more room for all of these goodies!

  2. You really take these items to heart, don't you?

    That's wonderful in my books. You see the beauty in each item, which shows you're not just a merchant!

    Three cheers for you! I love seeing what you find.

    (It all looks so nice together that, if I were you, I'd be keeping it all!)

  3. OOh, Katherine, I love love them all! Tamara

  4. Oh Katherine. These are just lovely. I agree with MMMC - you have a great appreciation of the history of the pieces you find. The toothpaste container would hardly take up any space... xxx

  5. The toothpaste container - if you have shiny white teeth you can always get yerself a brand new hubby.... ;)

    Although if the current one is a keeper, then I suppose you should keep 'im.

    I love all of your finds!


  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog and your welcome home message. I love to look at your finds and treasures. If I had a bigger house, I would be a permanent customer! Husband would say 'just as well' about that.
    Have a super weekend

  7. I love your an old wrinkled face that has beautiful imperfections...that was lovely and made me think of my Great Gran who had just such a face!
    When I do come past your house to pick up some piece of rubbish that I pay good money for, I look forward to seeing you dressed as needle case lady.x

  8. Gee you have an interesting job!!
    So you know when the Ipswich Antique Centre is opening?

  9. You wonder what she's thinking in that picture don't you? and the Deco clock is divine. Oooh I want it all - as always! xo

  10. Dear Kathine ,
    i lovvvve that little girl resting on the pillow, perhaps she would love to stay at my house. love bev

  11. It's amazing what treasures people have hiding in their houses for goodness knows how many years. You must love you job!

  12. gosh you are right Katherine, some wonderful finds here, I need to come along and view one day (all work and no play at the moment)!!


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