Friday, October 29, 2010

Glass and China from Today's Estate.

Today Kristen came home from an estate where the items varied in era . Above and below is some wonderful Art Glass pieces which date from the 1960's.

This stunning glass would date from an earlier time, probably made by Fenton and remind me of lollies and smacked hands from Grandma telling children to keep away.

Charming floral china. Kristen asked me when I thought the silver topped floral pieces dated from. I thought around the 1920's when do you think?

Watch me change from here...
To here.
Kristen had looked up in my English china guide and the company went out of business in 1887. So I was just a bit off...ha The colours are really vivid considering their age.
Pretty little Tunstall vase. To contact please email


  1. ohhhh i love the first images..such a big fan of glass vases:) xx

  2. You are speaking my language with the art glass Katherine. But they are all lovely pieces.xx

  3. Oooh! Gorgeous. Lovely the little vase with the air-bubble base.

  4. Hi Katherine...(thanks for all your lovely comments on my blog..glad I make you laugh!!)..

    Love all that 60's glass as it reminds me of what was in my house as a kid..(charming little girl!)..
    then in my teens kind of hated it..
    Now bloody love it all again...
    AS with all the other goodies found today...

    I need to be transported back in time...scoop up everything we nanna had..& come back now with it all..

    How much richer my life would be??

    very profound for a friday night...

    have a great weekend..xx andrea

  5. Beautiful the orange one especially.


  6. Oh I love the teapot, I had one the same once but lost it in a move. Gorgeous things! x

  7. Hi Katherine, thanks for the visit! I love Carmel and bloggy land is a small place.

  8. I LOVE that glass blue bowl. I like the "lollies and smacked hands by Grandma", it creates a great visual. I've linked you to my latest post, not sure if you'll be able to help or not? Sonia xx

  9. Hi Katherine and thanks for reading and commenting on my latest blog Mum and Dad will love you for thinking they are young to be married 40 yrs :) They are 59 and 62 yrs Dad in particular quite often gets mistaken as being younger than he is and then when they find out his 'kids' are 39 and 37 he tells people he married an older woman who had already had kids, lol!
    xx Karen

  10. Great glass pieces

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