Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Tail of Three Art Deco Float Bowls

People often ask us to keep an eye out for different items for them and a commonly asked question is "When do you think you will have.....(what ever the item may be)?" We always say you never can tell as sometimes you can go a little while without getting a certain item and then you will no doubt get a whole run of them. Plus lets face it we can't just order it in from the stockists....wouldn't that be easy? ha. This week we got three different float bowls from three different estates. Although we regularly get float bowls, the funny thing with these three girls was...
the first a fairly common green glass variety had only its centre frog and no centrepiece.

The second was a harder to find stunning blue bowl....

which has a lovely shape to its base,
and stunning lady centrepiece.....but,
a whopping big chunk out of her base. BUGGER! You can't see this when she is standing in her frog but it is very annoying.
The last which again is a beautiful blue is complete with frog and centrepiece....Yey!

BUT it is the most common centrepiece, A BIG fish.....So three different estates, three similar items and three different stories to tell. I wonder what it will be next week?
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  1. Hey Katherine
    Love these little float bowls.. each with it's own charm... I'd find it hard to pick a favourite.. Love the last post too.. the chair and sidetable.. and the cane chair is a beauty also!!!

    Well I've been a bit slack on visiting blog lately too.. unreliable internet has made me lazy I think!!! and HEY.. you are having perfect weather... ours is rain rain rain.. with a chance of rain!!! maybe I should get up there..

    Hey.. you just popped up in my messages as I type.. well the moon is hiding down here.. under all the bloody rain clouds!!! another reason to get myself up there!! hahaha... Have a fabulous weekend... sorry I've been soooooo slack these last few weeks.. ciao ciao xxx Julie

  2. Hi gorgeous Katherine...

    what an interesting story as I hate to admit I had never heard of float bowls before..

    so ignore my ignorance...BUT how beautiful they are...chips/chunks missing est al!!~~

    xx andre

  3. How fascinating! I've not seen these before, they're so interesting!

  4. Hi Katherine, wow oh wow... I definitely adore the blue fish... But me too Katherine, what are they used for? I'm fascinated... Who would have thought you'd end up with three of them.

    I understand totally about never knowing what will turn up next. My husband has been looking around for months (via E-bay mainly) for a cabinet to keep his turntable, amp and records on/in... It's been impossible really to find the right dimensions etc. and then yesterday, while visiting our local Vinnies (in Brookvale - it's excellent) he found the perfect fit... I think it's probably a bedside table but it's made from silk oak and it's just perfect. It needs a little tender love and care but it's got real character! Pruxxx

    P.S. Thanks for your lovely comments appreciating Luke's shell monsters recently on my blog post... Px

  5. My favourite would have to be the blue lady. Chunk missing or not - I think she is stunning.
    Pam x

  6. Hi Katherine - how are you? Wondering if you received my email? Would love to purchase one.


  7. The lovely blue lady missing a chunk or not would still me my choice.


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