Friday, May 20, 2011

Which one would Madam like? - Vintage hats

Good morning Madam, yes you need a hat, which one would madam like?
This one is a favourite Madam,
notice the touch of sparkle and neat bow.
or perhaps pill box Madam,
with criss cross pattern to add that extra interest ?

or this one Madam, I am liking the pale lemony colour...

Does Madam like fur ? What's that Madam ? Oh no Madam, this is Faux Fur, no little creatures were
harmed with this one.
Perhaps Madam prefers something sleek, ?

And what about this one? Head bands are very popular Madam...What's that ?
A bit too mother of the bride..I see, perhaps Madam would desire a larger brim ?

Something warmer Madam, say in felt?
With lovely stiched details on the edge and stylish two tone band.
No madam this one is not for you...a bit too Julie Andrews, Sound of Music.

Yes Madam this one is very Film Noir.....Madam has excellent taste.
All these hats and a few more are available now at the Woolloongabba Antique Centre. Hope you have a lovely day.


  1. Madame sure had some great choices which one did she decide on?

  2. Is the headform for sale??? I'm after one like that, pls. let me know.

  3. sigh - they're lovely... but vintage hats never fit my big noggin. I once had a very harried lady in an old hat shop in Budapest shoo me out her shop "there are no hats here for you!"

  4. Hi Katherine, your hats are so lovely, and your mannequin head is gorgeous!!!! The starfish hat (that's what it looks like to me) is amazing. Hope you are having a great day, Tam x

  5. yes i think i'd pick the head.. although she could be scary if you ran into her at night.. haha

    have a great weekend.. ciao xxx Julie

  6. I want the stitched felt one. So nice.
    The starfish looking one and the blue one with netting following it reminded me of hats Wallis Simpson would wear.

  7. Oh Katherine you should have been on the series "Are you being served'...but I guess that was way before your time!!!!

    Love the style of the felt hat.

    Pam x

  8. Hi gorgeous MRS KATHERINE...~~

    I would LOVE them ALL as my hubby always tells me every hat I try on does kind of suit my OLD NOGGIN!~~

    jokes aside...gotta love old hats..& this array is AWESOME..(wish i had them for my shabby junk fair display_)..

    xx andrea

  9. They're all gorgeous Katherine. It makes you feel like going to the races...xx

  10. gorgeous hats love the blue rose one. That white one looks like a star fish made me smile ;-) Have a wonderful weekend, dee x

  11. WOW they are all fantastic. My favourites though are hat #5 (the one you call 'sexy') and #9 which is totally wearable. And practical!! Pruxxx

  12. Those hats are all brilliant!
    I can see myself in the powder blue rose one!
    Sooooo me! x

  13. Dearest Kitty, I knew you were going to ask me that ha. She is a keeper and has been with me for sometime. I love her dreamy eyes. She has even be used at kids Halloween parties to form a head on a platter. I am going to have to find a new spot for her though as we she has sat for the last 9 years is giving her a bit of sun damage. Very annoying.

  14. I am going for the wide brimmed blue one....this post reminds me of "Are you being served"

  15. Hi Katherine, when I saw this post I made a mental note to check out the cream felt hat with the black ribbon stitching, next time I was at the WAC. Anyway, I was there today and tried the hat on, loved it and bought it. I'm wearing it to the races next weekend. I'll put up a photo on my blog. I should say thankyou for this post on hats but I fear my husband is wishing I didn't see so many wonderful items on your blog that I then go and buy. Amber


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