Sunday, May 1, 2011

We've gone Potty at the Cottage Garden Nursery

 Whether your tastes are for old or new there is a pot/container for everyone at The Cottage Garden Nursery in East Brisbane. The top two photos are mine, the above pot is the last one I have available in this large size at the moment.
 Nurseryman Paul has recently expanded the range of pots available at the Nursery and there is so many lovely modern and traditional styles to choose from.

 The ones above are a new favourite for me. The finish is a bit like terrazzo.
                            I always love classic terracotta.

Hope you all have a lovely Sunday. The weather in Brisbane is just perfect for spending time in the garden.


  1. Hi Katherine
    I like your favourites and the blue and white ones also..

    So you are building quite an empire with all that space!!! good for you!!
    PS re the tv... it lost it's green almost 2 years ago.. can you believe that? so yes I know what you mean about putting up with it..

    Have a lovely weekend.. the sun is finally out here!! woo hoo!! ciao xxx Julie

  2. You're potty and I like it.

  3. I love having a sticky beak at the that shop. They do have a great selection of pots. xx

  4. 'Potty' means something completely different in our house.

    I prefer your potties!

  5. Katherine, I love those blue and white pots. About time I came for a visit and had a cuppa with you? ;-)

  6. I am not allowed to purchase any more pots. Seems I like the ones requiring hand trucks to move.

  7. Those pots are great! I want some BIG ones! I am coming up again very soon because I have yet to visit The Cottage Garden Nursery! I am also looking forward to catching up with you, we missed you on Saturday! X


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