Tuesday, May 3, 2011

New Furniture at the WAC today x TWO

All the photos below were taken today at my Spaces in the Woolloongabba Antique Centre. You can see the first two photos and second two photos are the same angle view of my space. Why the difference in furniture?
Well I took this cute trestle table and fun metal stacker chairs over this morning. ( The trestle table we got only yesterday and I cleaned it and estapoled the top.)
Then I got a call to say they had both sold (thanks Dave) within half an hour of being there. So I took over
this ornate marble table and sleek mid century table this afternoon that we purchased from a lovely home this morning.

We also purchased this ornate metal chair.
One of my favourites this week is this sleek plastic record player,
and charming little Red Cross medical cupboard.
I am still playing around with how to display things in my new space. This arvo the rain is forcing me to be lazy, (hey that's my excuse) so thanks to our local Blockbuster having $2.00 Tuesday I have rented "The King's Speech" and " Little Fockers". Nothing better than a DVD on a rainy day I say....not forgetting the nibbles to eat while watching  aswell.
UPDATE: Little Fockers was, as my children warned me, pretty dreadful. Not a patch on the earlier movies. Thank goodness I only paid $2 to see it ha. 


  1. Gorgeous pieces Katherine! The marble top table is beautiful. Enjoy your movie afternoon - I agree the weather is perfect for it! Tracey xx

  2. Aah, nothing like a 'tightarse tuesday' ha ha. My new Jurassic Park DVDs just arrived in record time, can't wait to put VB to bed early and watch them. I'll pop in and see what you've done in person at the WAC as soon as I get a new van, which is hopefully this week! Did you get my email, btw?

  3. Funny, I have just sent my husband down the road for our cheapies!!! Love the wooden coffee table Katherine - have been sitting here wondering where I could make it work. Michelle

  4. Katherine I cannot wait to see your new bigger space. Sandy xx

  5. I love this comment Kath, ( The trestle table we got only yesterday and I cleaned it and estapoled the top.)
    Why cant your brother be as nifty as you.. I still have a maple dressing table (which I use, which still looks like I got it from a poor aunt, If Only he would let me give it a quick estapol. But the perfectionist wouldnt think of it) It also has a rope handle instead of a draw knob..:)

  6. Sounds like you are going great guns with your new space - well done! Now what is the verdict on the Kings speech? I am thinking of getting it too... ;-)

  7. Jenny, Kings speech is excellent. I admit I had already seen it at the movies and it was just as good seeing it again, cheers katherine

  8. What a lovely shop! I'm loving the pretty metal chair and those vintage luggage! Have a wonderful day, Kellie xx

  9. No wonder that trestle table sold so fast. She's a beauty. Thankfully I am now far away from your shop because I would be buying lots of things I can see and as you know I have NO spare space :)


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