Friday, May 6, 2011

What's getting the once over today

A few of the different things getting cleaned today.
Amazing old train carriage light. Would have been wall mounted.

Wembley Wall Vase or as I say,  Cockatoo goodness.
A different kind of goodness, as in "Oh my goodness". Vintage collectable Cribbage Boards.
Not sure what to think about the "One Way" sign. Hmmm  I think look away fast maybe.
Keeping the "Oh my" theme. Vintage swizzle sticks from the 60's. A different one for every age of a get the idea!

Lovely totally unoffensive old  typewriter
The charming tartany exterior is not original but I think looks pretty spiff so I didn't try and remove it.
Drool worthy keys...I did actually momentarily think..."I could remove them and make one of those amazing necklaces or bracelets people make." But I would just destroy a lovely typewriter and no doubt never make a bracelet. But have you seen those lovely bracelets made from typewriter keys ? I love them! Hope you have a super dooper weekend. There are changes underway at the Garden Centre....I know does anything ever stay the same ? Ha. Will tell you more about it soon.


  1. Oh I hope positive changes....Have a great Mothers Day Katherine.

  2. hehehe..I love those swizzle sticks. I had some that I have since parted with..aren't they great.

    I bought some typewriter cufflinks and tie pins for Carl, he wears them to work. They are fantastic.

    I was very excited when I found they little sailor doll, I had to pretend that he was just a doll when paying for him..hehehe

    Tam x

  3. How much for the swizzle sticks? I love them!

  4. What are Swizzle sticks? i have never seen or heard of them before. Love the little cribbage boards. Have a lovely weekend, dee x

  5. My fav is the typewriter... Go figure! I would be tempted to pull it apart too... and also wouldn't be able to either! Have a lovely mothers day lovely lady! X

  6. I remember my grandparents playing cribbage. Imagine the fun they would have had with one of your boards, ha! Love that typewriter too. Can't wait to hear your exciting news. Enjoy your weekend. ;-)

  7. My hubbie would love the cribbage boards - he has quite a few of them, and gets very frustrated when trying to teach me to play!! L-O-V-E the typewriter. Have a happy mothers day Katherine :)

  8. Thanks Katherine for the link love. That typewriter is pretty special. I love the jewellery that is made from the keys too. xx

  9. Hi Katherine! It has been glad you stopped by AG!!! (and yes, DB is still playing drums...thankfully NOT at my house anymore!!!)

    I love your finds. Those swizzle sticks made me laugh out loud! And that cribbage board with the "one way" sign...hmmmmmm. I've never seen anything quite like these items.

    Hope you are doing well...and that you have a wonderful Mother's Day.

  10. Hi Dear Katherine
    Love the carriage light and of course our friendly cockatoo!!! and I know that typewriter key jewellery.. and suspect I would do the same.. dismantle and never complete!! hehe

    Happy Mother's Day... by the way I put up a Silver Sunday post.. just for you!! ciao xxx Julie

  11. Where are my manners? Just because I'm a break doesn't mean I can't visit my blog friends. I've found some pretty cool stuff lately too. I hope that all has been well.


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