Tuesday, May 10, 2011

BIG Changes at The Cottage Garden Nursery

Well they say a change is as good as a holiday but I'm not so sure, ha. Mother's Day afternoon was spent at the Garden Centre, not drooling over the plants or sipping on a latte but moving "stuff." There are big changes underway and by Thursday the centre will have had, if not a facelift but a bit of work done, that's for sure. The most exciting news is there is a fabulous new cafe/restaurant with a well known Brisbane chef set to take the reins. It will be opening on Thursday. Will bring you more news on who that is soon!
So there has been a bit of a reshuffle of where things are situated in the centre. For theoldboathouse this has meant that my space is all in one area, as you come into the centre from the carpark I am about in the middle of the action. My space in the room further on is no more as it makes room for airconditioned seating for the cafe.
This is the empty space which used to be pathway down the centre of the nursery and home to some of the many pots.
This is my old space that was in the antiques room, we had already started moving things when this shot was taken.
Within 2 hours it looked like this. Those of you who know the nursery will be familiar with the "Antiques room". So this is the area that will now be airconditioned seating for the cafe. There will also be more seating infront of this area.
The expanded spot next to my existing spot all full with goodies.

This shot gives a better idea of where I am. My exisiting spot is in the foreground and you can see how it extends over to where the cafe seating used to be.
This shot is of where the cafe seating used to be and it will be inclosed and become home to the other dealers in the centre. The photos are not great because by this time it was well and truely dark. By Thursday all the work will be completed. Although there is currently two different builders and their crews on site the centre is still open and we welcome those who would like to come and have a sticky beak at the exciting goings on.


  1. Wow, it really never stops with you guys, does it!

  2. Wow, it looks like a great spot. It must be really large..nothing as good down here.

    Can you believe all the carry on with the housewives? Makes for great tv. Love it!

    Tam x

  3. Wow. That is big news!! Very excited to see the new garden centre with restaurant. xx

  4. I'd love to catch up with you for coffee one day and this sounds like it may be the perfect spot :)

  5. This is exciting. I was there last weekend chatting about some plants and the owner was telling me about the changes. Sounds fabbo. It's turning into quite the little hub around there. I love the feeling of that place with the plants and vintage goods everywhere. I reckon this restaurant'll be a hit!!

  6. Oh wow Katherine! Looks really exciting - you have had some big changes lately.

    Pam x

  7. It must be dificult moving all that great stuff around. I'd be scared of breaking things!

  8. Goodness it all sounds really exciting ;-)) good luck with it all, dee x

  9. That is very exciting. I will have to get over there on the weekend to check it out! Cheers Karen (ps - still trying to work out where I can fit that church pew!) x

  10. wow i should go and check this saturday, love it x

  11. I think I need a mantra "I will get to the WAC one day soon. I will get to the WAC one day soon. I will get to the WAC one day soon ... " Maybe the swished up cafe will be the incentive?

  12. How exciting! I can't wait to visit! I will be up very soon! X

  13. I'm tired just looking at all the stuff that needed to me moved. The Cottage Garden is such a lovely and unique place with the blend of food/plants/antiques. Look forward to seeing the new and improved version.

  14. Katherine that is really exciting news for you and the centre.

  15. Hey Katherine..how are you old girl??!! just joking..

    Wow...what a BIG effort..
    i wish i had have gone to your space on my last visit...(gonzo me)!!

    next time..

    a great cafe will ADD to the atmosphere we expect..

    xxx andrea


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