Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Non Flood Post...YEY!

Great to do a post that is not about floods. Kristen has been to a couple of different houses yesterday and today and here are a few pictures of just some of the interesting items that he found.

                                              Disney fellows, Mickey is a tape measure and
                          and Snow White and Doc are toothbrush holders.
                                              Tall Shelley Vase
                                         This is a Singer "Puzzle" Box.
                                           It houses the attachments inside and folds out.
                                          Interesting Cameo set, bracelet, ring and brooch.
                                              Elegant pair of Hardy Bros. candlesticks.

                       Tiny  cowbell and radio, the old coke yo-yogives a great idea of just how small they are.
                                       Fish, the one on the left is Beswick and the right is Kalmar.
This afternoon we are doing this years first auctions for ebay. The time since our ebay break has gone so fast and so much has happened, yet it seems that events before the flood feel so long ago. We hope you are all well and as life returns to normal for us that were lucky we send our love to those for whom the recovery will take a long time.


  1. Oh Katherine, I'm so glad things are getting back to normal for you, and that you weren't too affected by the devestating floods. It makes my heart break everytime I watch the news. Love the puzzle box and the cute mikey measure tape! Take care, xx

  2. Yay for you Katherine
    You probably need a bit of normality about now...

    The shells are fabulous.. unusual.. but fabulous..

    Hope this week is better.. ciao xxx Julie

  3. Lovely items love the fish, Good luck with everything . Dee x

  4. Some excellent and rare pieces there Katherine, good score!

  5. Back to the grind stone Katherine! And love the flood-less post too. xx

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  7. Hardy Bros don't miss a trick!

    Love their candlesticks though!

  8. I remember those old singer sewing boxes. I forgot all about them until I saw yours.


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